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Q: How do you write the number in standard form 300 2 005?
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How do you write five thousandths in decimal form?


How do you write the number .005 in scientific notation?


What is the correct way to write phone number in Nigeria?

+234 805 6203 005

How do you write 94.825?

In word form: ninety-four and eight hundred twenty-five thousandths In expanded form: 90+4+.8+.02+.005 In standard form: 94.825

How do you write 20965304.405 in expanded form?


How do you write .005 percent?


How do you write 32 005 008 in expanded form?

(3 x 10,000,000)+(2 x 1,000,000)+(8 x 1)

How do you write .005?

5 one thousandths.

Write 0.5 percent as a decimal?


How do you write a half a cent in decimals?


How do write 5 thousandths as a decimal?

the answer should be .005

What number is greater 005 or 009?

009 (9) is greater than 005 (5) by 004 (4)

How do you write three hundred thousand and five?

300, 005

How do you write six hundred thousand and five?

600 005

How do you write out one half of a percent in numerical?

.5% = .005

Is 005 a real number?

Yes, it is.

In one inch how many .005?

The answer depends on .005 WHAT! There will be a different number on 0.005 inches in an inch compared to the number of 0.005 miles! And since the units have not bothered to say what the units are, it is impossible to give a sensible answer.

How do you write 500 005 in words?

Five hundred thousand five

Which number is larger .500 or .005?

It is 0.500

What is the expanded form of 2.845?

2 + .8 + .04 + .005

How do you write 35.715 in expanded form?

The old way to write it was 30+5+.7+.01+.005. The new way is either 3x10+5x1... or 1x30+1x5... I think its the first one but I can't remember. Sorry! Hope it helps

What Pokemon is number 005 in Pokemon Ranger?

He is Bibarel.

What is 0.1357 in expanded form?

That would be .1+.03+.005+.0007

What is thicker 003 or 005?

005 is thicker than 003

.005 is what percent?

.005= .5%