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Q: How do you write three hundred forty nine thousands as a decimal?
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How do you write three hundred forty-two thousands in decimal form?

Three hundred forty-two thousands in decimal form is 342,000

What is the decimal form of seven thousand forty-three and seven hundred forty-two thousands?


How do you write forty three hundred as a decimal?


What is 143 as a decimal?

One hundred forty three 143. (notice the decimal point after the three)

What is three hundred forty-none thousandths as a decimal?


What is three hundred and forty seven thousandths as a decimal?

It is 300.047

What is one hundred forty three thousandths in decimal form?


How do you write forty three hundred?

Forty-three Hundred. see question ==== ...which is the same as four thousand, three hundred. In figures, it can be written with or without a comma following the thousands digit; 4,300 or 4300.

What is forty-three and forty-three thousands in a decimal?

43,043 except that normally the thousands are given first. But, you do have "4 and 20" for 24 blackbirds in Nursery Rhymes, so why not give the thousands afterwards?

How do you spell 40300.00?

With zeroes after the decimal point, the numeral is simply "forty thousand three hundred". As a dollar amount, it is "forty thousand three hundred dollars and no cents".

What is 45300?

Forty five thousand, three hundred assuming decimal is at the end.

How do you write three hundred forty one thousandths in decimal form?