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three hundred ninety-one thousandths . . . 0.391

four tenths . . . 0.4

The sum of (three hundred ninety-one thousandths) + (four tenths) = 0.791

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Q: How do you write three hundred ninety one thousandths and four tenths in decimals?
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What are the first five Decimals?

tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten-thousandths, and hundred-thousandths

How do you write ninety and six houndred one thousandths?

Ninety and sixty thousandths is written 90.06. Ninety and six-hundred thousandths is equal to 90.6, or ninety and six tenths.

What is smaller thousandths or tenths in decimals?

Thousandths is smaller than tenths.

How do you write 185.557 in decimals?

A hundred and eighty-five, five tenths, five hundredths and seven thousandths, I guess.

How do you write ninety-three and five tenths in decimals?


What is six hundred thousandths as a decimal?

To help understand decimals I'll give you a little chart. (wherever the one is placed is the name of the decimal): 0.1 = tenths 0.01 = hundredths 0.001 = thousandths 0.0001 = ten thousandths 0.00001 = hundred thousandths So six hundred thousandths would be 0.00006

How do you estimate decimals?

Decimals are estimated by rounding off the decimal places to the nearest tenths,hundredths,thousandths,ten thousandths,etc.

How do you write 1.568970?

one and five tenths sixty eight thousandths ninety seven hundered thousandths

Four hundred thousandths and one tenths?


Write the following as decimals or mixed decimals 1threetenths equals 2six thousands 3eight ten-thousands 4one hundred twelve thousandths 5sixty and seventy five thousands?

write the following as decimals or mixed decimals. 1.three tenths= 2.six thousands 3.eight ten-thousands hundred twelve thousandths 5.sixty and seventy five thousands

What are the coloums called after the decimal?

Tenths, hundredths, thousandths, ten thousandths, hundred thousandths, millionths and so on.

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