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2.125 = 17/8

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Q: How does 2.125 go into a fraction in simplest form?
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How many times does 8 go into 42 in fraction form?

It goes 21/4 as an improper fraction in its simplest form

When is a fraction its simplest form?

When a fraction is in simplest form, then the fraction can not be reduced anymore. For example: 5/25, can be reduced to 1/5 because 5 can go into 5 once, and it can go into 25 5 times (5x5=25)

What is 21 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

21% can not be put into simplest form. The lowest it will go is 21/100

What is the fraction for 0.055 in simplest form?

the answer is 11/200 go to a different website to know why its that answer

Sixth grade raised 500 seventh grade raised 625 and eighth grade raised 1000 what fraction of money did the eighth grade raise?

To answer this question you need to first add all of the numbers together this will give you 2125, which is your denominator. To get the fraction raised by the 8th grade you simply put the number that they raised (1000) over your denominator (2125). To get the final answer you reduce the fraction to its lowest form, so you divide by the lowest number that will go into both the numerator and denominator, which in this case is 125. So :1000/125 = 8. & 2125/125 = 17. So your final answer should be 8/17. Hopefully this helps!

How do you make an improper fraction into a mixed number in simplest form?

divide the denominator &numerator & go on reducing it.

How do you write 46 percent as a fraction in simplest form?

46 percent as a fraction in simplest form is 23/50

What is three eights as a simplified fraction?

3/8 is in simplest form, because neither 3 or 8 go into each other.

What is 8 over 27 in simplest form?

8/27 is in simplest form since 27 does not go into 8. The easy way to write a fraction is simplest form is to write the numerator and the denominator in factored form, cancel out all the common prime factors and then multiply the what is left. So 8/27= 2x2x2/3x3x3 and we see there are no common prime factors so it is already in simplest form.

What is is 2.454545 in fraction form?

Unfortunately, this number does not go into a "clean" fraction.

The simplest tenses of verb?

The imperative form, also known as the command form. For example, the imperative form of "go" is "go". The imperative form requires no changes, thus making it the simplest form.

What is 2.57142857 as a fraction?

Unfortunately, this number does not go into a simple fraction form.

What fraction of a revolution does the minute hand of a clock go from twelve to nine?

That is 45 minutes. As a fraction it is 45/60 and in simplest form 3/4. So 3/4 of an hour.

What is 21 over 43 in simplest form?

Its in its simplest form because 43 is a prime number,which means only 1 and its self can go into it .

What is 3 over 76 simplifed?

3/76 is in simplest form. 3 is a prime number that will not go into 76, so there are no factors in common in order to simplify the fraction.

What is 44 as a decimal and as a fraction in simplest form?

44 is an integer. Its decimal representation is 44, exactly as in the question. It does not really have a fractional representation but you could go for 44/1.

What is 3 over 28 in simplest form?

3/28 is in simplest form.It is in simplest form because there is no number that can go evenly into 3 and 28.

40 over 100 to simplest form?

The answer is 4/10 but that can still go to simplest form. The real answer is 2/5

Is three tenths simplest form?

Yes. 3/10 is in simplest form because there is no number that can go into 3 and 10.

Is the fraction 60 72 in the simplest form?

NoA fraction is in simplest form when the numerator and denominator have no common factors.In this case, you might see right away that 60 and 72 are both divisible by 12, or you can go step-by-step:60/72 = 30/36 = 15/18 = 5/6.

7 8 in simplest form?

The friction 7/8 in the simplest form would be 7/8. The friction cannot go any lower.7/8 is in its simplest form.

How do you write 7 over 77 in simplest form?

7/77 in simplest form is 1/11 7 can go into both 7 and 77. 7 can go into 7 1 time and 7 can go into 77 11 times. Divide the top and bottom of the fraction by 7, and the answer is 1 over 11

What is 76 over 45 in simplest form?

76 of 45 is already in simplest form because 45 cant go into 76

What is 99 over 100 in simplest form?

Ok first of all can 99 can't go into 100 equally. It is in simplest form already!

What is 605 over 1000 in simplest form?

121/200 is the simplest form it can go in.