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Q: How does a differential operate when cornering?
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What is the purpose of a thrust washers in da back of the planetary and sun gears in the differential?

Prevent noise when vehicle is cornering

What component allows the left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when cornering?

The "Spider" gears located inside the differential.

Does every car have a differential?

Yes, although depending of whether you have a front wheel or rear wheel drive, the differential will be set up differently. A differential is just a set of mechanical gears that equalizes the power between the left and right drive wheels, particularly when cornering, when the outside wheel travels further than the inside wheel. It depends on whether or not your car needs a differential. Nascars do not have a differential because those cars always turn in one direction throughout the race. Gokarts (yeah, I know,they aren't cars) do not have a differential.

Where is a bevel gear assembly used?

In the rear differential assembly of some cars, which allows the inner and outer wheels to turn at different speeds while cornering

What happens if you take the differential out?

Literally you'd have no drive to the wheels. If you mean a drive-train without differential gearing, as can be effected by use of a 'diff-lock', both the driven wheels would rotate at the same speed making cornering on hard surfaces seem 'funny', e.g. 'understeer'. It would also cause much more tyre wear on the driven wheels.

How can one replace a cornering light on 1990 Mazda 626 dx?

How can one replace a cornering light on 1990 Mazda dx

What is an example of a transducer?

An example of a passive transducer is differential Transformers. The reason why is because passive transducers require an external power supply to operate.

What is the definition of sneer?

to sneer is to have a cornering of the lip

What was a drift used for?

its used for fast cornering

How do you turn on cornering lights on 2000 ford windstar?

The cornering lights are tied in with the turn signals - they'll come on automatically IF the turn signal is used.

What is cornering stability control?

Cornering stability control helps to keep a vehicle's wheels from slipping and sliding during turns. This helps drivers to maintain better control of their vehicle.

What is better a Ford lightning versus BMW in cornering?

The Beemer.