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Q: How does an airline pilot use negative numbers?
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How do you use the word continental in a sentence?

He was a pilot for a continental airline.

What language does a Japanese airline pilot use when he asks to land his plane in Madrid?

His radio.

How do you use negative and positive numbers in everyday?

negative numbers> temperature.

How has the use of electronic database affected the airline industry?

negative one half

How an airline pilot would use earth science in his career?

They would use meteorology to know the climate.

What are some ways you use negative numbers in everyday life?

Some people work as a teacher or a mathmetition, they use negative numbers in their everyday lives. Some people use negative numbers when they are overdue.

Why you use negative numbers?

we use negative numbers because if negative numbers wont be dere den den positive numbers wont also be dere so dere wont be any number.

Why do you use negative numbers in Math?

You use negative numbers to represent subtractions (10-5 is same as 10 + -5) Also, you use these to represent things that can be negative.

When do you use a negative numbers?

You use a negative rational number when an answer is below zero.

What are 10 real life situations do we use negative numbers?

Negative numbers are often used when there are opposites; in this case, one of the opposites is assigned positive numbers, the other, negative numbers. For example, you might:* Use positive numbers for positions above sea level, and negative for below sea level. * Use positive numbers for money you have in your bank account; negative numbers for money you owe others. * Use positive numbers for northern latitudes, and negative numbers for southern latitudes. Or vice versa. * There are lots of other situations where opposites are involved, but you probably get the idea.

Are airline pilots required to wear their jackets?

yes they are required to wear their jacket how I know I use to be a pilot dick head

How an airline pilot would use earth science in career?

A pilot needs too understand weather patterns, pressure, and must be able too use geographical scope too safely fly the plain.