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Negative numbers are often used when there are opposites; in this case, one of the opposites is assigned positive numbers, the other, negative numbers. For example, you might:* Use positive numbers for positions above sea level, and negative for below sea level.

* Use positive numbers for money you have in your bank account; negative numbers for money you owe others.

* Use positive numbers for northern latitudes, and negative numbers for southern latitudes. Or vice versa.

* There are lots of other situations where opposites are involved, but you probably get the idea.

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Q: What are 10 real life situations do we use negative numbers?
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Loss or negative growth, mostly in economic matters temperature

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A coordinate graph is a graph of pairs of numbers that represent real-life situations.

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No, they are quite real. It is just that in some situations it makes sense to use negative numbers, in others not.

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weather and sports

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Negative numbers can be used for weather, when we talk about temperature that is below zero.

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A negative number times a negative number gives you a POSITIVE number, not a negative number.

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