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Soaking is not a chemical change, unless contact with water results in a chemical reaction - such as adding sodium to water.

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Q: How does chemically changed soaking?
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What happens when the minerals in a rock are dissolved or otherwise chemically changed?

If a substance is chemically changed this is a chemical reaction, a chemical process.

What is test variable?

A test variable is the item that has changed physically and chemically.

If something is chemically changed can it be changed back?

no, it cannot be changed back.

Can a mixture be chemically changed?


What is paper changed into when has been changed chemically by fire?

Ash and smoke.

What scientist said that atoms can be changed chemically?


How can a gas be chemically changed?

Yes, chemical reactions

When granite is chemically weathered what happens?

it is changed to a clay form

What is the class of the food that begins to get chemically changed in the mouth?


If matter expands is it chemically or physically?

If matter expands, it is typically considered a physical change. It did not change chemically. It merely changed in size.

What is chemically changed the pan the egg or the fat when frying an egg?

The chemical composition was changed during frying.

Two or more substances that have been combined but not chemically changed.?

This is a mixture.

What does soaking meat in vinegar do to the meat?

Vinegar softens the meat and also adds flavor. The high acid content will chemically "cook" the meat a bit, too.

What is the definition for chemically changed by sedimentary rocks?

I love one direction ♥

What is a combination of two or more substances that are not chemically changed?

A mixture (it's in the book )

Entity that is not chemically changed in a reaction is a what?

it may be a catalyst, a spectator ion a solvent.

Mixtures are made of substances that are .?

Chemically changed and can be physically separated into different species.

What is natural penicillin?

its a type of penicillin that is pure and has never been chemically changed

What smaller molecules result when carbohydrates are chemically changed by digestion?

they disolve :)

What is chemical change of matter?

The chemical change of matter is what happens when you have something changed chemically

What is the substance that helps a reaction but isn't chemically changed?

These substances are called catalysts.

Is breaking a balloon a physical change?

Yes, it is a physical change. Nothing chemically changed about the balloon.

What is the principle difference between mechanical weathering and chemical weathering?

mechanical weathering is not changed chemically.

What happens when sedimentary rocks are physically and chemically changed?

Metamorphism occurs and they change to metamorphic rocks

What are two or substances that have been combined but not chemically changed?

maybe mike auto body form

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