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Q: How does four and three tenths look in a decimal?
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What would 4 and three tenths look like as a decimal?

4 and three tenths as a decimal = 4.3

How does four tenths look in a decimal?


What does 8 and four tenths look like in decimal?


Write the decimal eight and four tenths?

what does fourty tenths and 7 hundredths look like

What does 35.052 tenths look like in a decimal notation?

35.052 tenths = 3.5052

How do you write two and three tenths as a decimal?

it would look like this 2.3

What does the decimal 33 tenths look like?

It is 3.3

What does four tenths look like?

four tenths = 4/10 = 2/5 when reduced

What is seven and six tenths look like as a decimal?


What does three and four hundredths look like with a decimal?

3.04 Pretty simple, really.

How do you write four and six tenths look like in expanded form and word form?

4+0.6 Four and six tenths

What is four tenths in decimals look like?


What is seven and nine tenths plus four and two fifths?

I believe it is twelve and three tenths. I haven't done fractions in a while however, so i would look at an online calculator. =^.^= Yep.

What will three tenths look like in expandied form?

It is 0.3

What does 23 hundredths look like in decimal notation?

the correct answer for "what dose 23 hundredths look like in decimal notation is 0.23. The first place behind the decimal point is the tenths, the second is the hundredths, and the third is the thousandths

What is 0.8 to a fraction?

Look at the decimal places. The first one after the decimal point is the tenths place, which means you can read .08 as eight tenths. So .08 = 8/10. Then you can reduce 8/10 to 4/5

How do you write nine-two million six hundred two thousand two hundred eleven and three tenths in decimal form?

It would look like this: 9 602 11.3

Where would one decimal 8 look like in Word form?

1.8 = one and eight tenths

What is 387.36 rounded to the nearest tenth?

That would be 387.4 To round to the nearest tenth, you look to the number to the right of the tenths place (the first number after the decimal is the tenths place, and you are looking at the hundredths place). If that number is five or higher, the number after the decimal goes up by one (it is "rounded up"). If that number is four or less, the number after the decimal stays the same. No matter what happens to the number in the tenths place, the number in the hundredths place (and any numbers that might be after it) are "thrown out" and go away

How do you round 7.7 to the nearest decimal place?

To round a number, the decimal place that you want to round to, needs to be specified. If you want to round to the tenths place or to 1 decimal place, then this number is already there: 7.7 is seven and seven tenths. If you want to round it to zero decimal places, or to the nearest whole number, then look at the tenths place and if it is 0-4 you round down to 7, if it is 5-9 (which it is) you round up to 8.

How do you round 2.36 to the nearest tenths?

2.4 because the number four is in the tenths place you look to the right to determine if the number will increase or stay the same.

What does four ten-thousandths as a decimal look like?


What does three tenth look like as a decimal?


How do you divide decimals into fractions?

you don't divide. to turn a decimal into a fraction, you look at the place values. for example the number four. if it is 0.4 the fraction is 4/10 or 2/5 because the four is in the TENths place. if it is 0.04 the fraction is 4/100 or 1/25 because the four is in the HUNDREDths place. now if you have a decimal like 0.34 then you would look at the last number. 0.34 would be 34/100 because the last number is in the HUNDREDths place.

How do you write 36 tenths as a decimal?

first look to see if it is a tenth and then since ten has 1 zero put put 3.6 .