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Q: How does goffman explain the expression all the world is a stage?
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What is symbolic interactionism?

Symbolic interactionism is a sociological theory created by Irving Goffman. The theory asserts that the world is a stage and we all play various roles.

You mean the world to me?

This expression means " You mean everything in the whole world to me. " A very romantic expression of love.

How do you explain the world?

Well first.. I would research information about the world. And then I would talk about it. That is how you explain the world.

What is the alliteration in all the world's a stage?

all the worlds a stage has a variety of alliteration such as : shrunk shank quick in quarrel and satchel and shining

Where does the expression the world is your oyster come from?


When was On Stage at World Cafe Live created?

On Stage at World Cafe Live was created on 2005-12-15.

What are the release dates for The World's a Stage - 1922?

The World's a Stage - 1922 was released on: USA: 1 November 1922

Explain why world wide web is also known as world wide wait?

explain of WWW

What are the ratings and certificates for All the World's a Stage - 1915?

All the World's a Stage - 1915 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What is the of your world?

Can you explain your question?

What does the sentence all the world is a stage?

It means that you can act however you want, like on a stage.

What stage does impress you in all the world's a stage by Shakespeares?

He trying to say all the worlds a stage its on big place and its quite frighten.