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I've been an accountant for 10 years now in a Big 4 firm (auditing investment banks) and I hardly ever use anything beyond basic maths. You need to understand how a formula works and follow a few intermediate formulae (Black Scholes was part of my finals) but that's about it. I do encounter some very advanced mathematical models, however I tend to get quant specialists (aka our rocket scientists) to look at this. If you're intending to move into valuation issues, then maths would be a huge plus. But if you're looking to be an auditor, consultant or CFO etc, your ability to understand a business and your softer skills (communication, planning, project management etc) are far more important. In short: if maths ain't your thing, don't stress about it - accountancy is a wide-ranging occupation with plenty of career paths. There's no such thing as a dead end, you are the only one that can determine your career. Hope this helps.

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Q: How does math apply to becoming an accountant?
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