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Half the distance from the wall to the centre of the luminaire, as the distance there is between luminaires. e.g if the distance between luminaires horizontally is 3m then the distance to the centre of the luminaire from the wall is 1.5m. If the distance between the luminaires vertically is 5m then the distance to the centre of the luminaire from the wall is 2.5m

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Q: How does one calculate the space to mounting height ratio for lighting?
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Spacing Height Ratio is defined as the ratio of the distance between adjacent luminaires (centre to centre), to their height above the working plane. If you know SHR and the height, the distance apart D is pretty straight forward. You then need to check absolute limits such as SHR (Transverse), SHR (axial) and SHR Max. You can also use the following as a quick means check: SHR(Nominal) = (1/Hm) x (Square root(Area/N)) Where Hm is mounting height, N is number of luminaires. Regards

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