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The problem is complete. There is enough information there for it to be solved.

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Q: How does one complete this problem... Find two positive real numbers whose product is a maximum Q The sum of the first and three times the second is 42?
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How do you find the quotient of two numbers when both are positive?

A quotient is the answer to a multiplication problem. Therefore, just multiply the two numbers.

How can you use subtraction to complete an addition problem?

Treat the "plus positive X" as "minus negative X". Example: Positive two plus positive two equals positive four. Positive two minus negative two equals positive four.

Why you are taking only positive values in the logarithms?

You must be referring to some problem where all the numbers are 1 or above.

How many more integers are there than natural numbers?

Actually, natural numbers are your counting numbers such as 1,2,3 etc. Integers include negative AND positive whole numbers. Such as: -99,56m,-895241544,etc. The answer to this problem can be infinite.

What is the math problem for the greatest common factor of 30 48?

The problem is to find the largest positive integer which goes evenly into the two given numbers.

Can you subtract positive numbers and get a negative number?

yes, just look at this problem, 3-4=-1. its simple math

Greater than zero plus?

this question is not complete greater than zero? you need a problem to go with this question

What are the numbers in a diveson problem called?

it depends if you want the answer or the numbers in the problem

My blood group is O negative and my wife's B positive any problem for her pregnancy or for kids?

If mother is Rh positive there will be no problem. Problem can arise when mother is negative and baby positive.

Your blood type is A positive and your husband RH positive Can you have a baby with no problems?

positive and positive is not a problem

Do you change anything to a problem if it is a negative and a positive?

It truly depends on what the problem is, but normally a negative will change the overall answer of the sum: + and - = negative answer - and - = positive answer + and + = positive answer - and + = negative answer

What is the definition of a negative root?

Negative numbers cannot be rooted. As it can be seen on a calculator when -25 is rooted is says error. Only positive numbers can be rooted. If it resulted in a negative try going over the problem.

What information does the greatest common factor of 2 numbers provide in a problem?

The greatest common factor, or GCF, is the largest positive integer that will divide evenly with no remainder into all the members of a given set of numbers.

What is the problem when O positive blood group women marry a O positive blood group men?

no problem

C program to find all possible way that a number can be written as the sum of two or more positive numbers?

It is not that easy, but very interesting problem.

What are some common misconseptions students have while working with negative and positive numbers?

Students may have this problem, -4+5 and the answer would be a negative because negative plus a positive is going to be negative.. and they could mess up and put it as a positive which would make the problem incorrect.. so always be careful when working with math! :)glad i could help.

What if mother B positive and children A positive?

No problem,problem arise if 1st child is negative.But medicines cure it completely.

What are the factors that will equal negative ten?

factors are the numbers you multiply together to get a product in a multiplication problem. a positive times a positive = a positive a positive times a negative = a negative a negative times a negative = a positive since you are looking for negative 10, you need one factor to be positive and one to be negative. this could be: -1*10 -10*1 -2*5 -5*2

What do you call the numbers in a division problem?

The numbers in a division problem are called dividend, divisor, and quotient.

Problem about positive acceleration?


Can ab positive and a positive get married?

regarding blood type, yes, there is no problem :)

Translate this problem to an equation and solve The sum of the squares of two consecutive positive even numbers is 20 What is the smaller number?

2 because 22+42 = 20

Why would you use addition to solve a subbtraction problem?

when the numbers are neggative they become positive for example 2-(-2) the two negative become positives so the answer is 4

How do you solve a range problem?

maximum minus minimum

How many outputs does the Catwalk Problem have for each positive input value?

There are 2 outputs for each positive input value in the Catwalk problem.