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What you need to do is, think of all the thoughts you've ever had about him, write them all down, then put the paper (and any photos) in a bin and burn them (safely!). Next, you need to go and get your hair and nails done, then show up at work looking and feeling fabulous. The next step, while he's looking on jelously, is to flirt with new men, there's no need to form a relationship with them if you're still feeling too raw. Making him see what he's missing will make you feel powerful, and you can see what a loser he really is! Good luck!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-04 20:07:45
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Q: How does one refrain from obsessing over the man who ended their affair if they have to work together?
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[object Object]

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What surprised Brendan about his encounter with Chase What ended their lunch togetherWhat surprised Brendan about his encounter with Chase What ended their lunch together?

It is in restart book

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Do you think myself and my partner should marry in prison after a long affair after which he ended up in prison for killing his ex?

You would be safest this way.

Does he still want you or can he not help himself when we are both married but the affair ended and he is always looking at you when he sees you?

It depends on the reasons for the break up and who broke up with who. It is possible he still is wondering what it would be like to be back together again, but it would be wise to move on in your lives and stop second guessing how he looks at you. He may simply not know what to say to you because it would be an awkward moment after a break up of the affair you both had.