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Some test theirs in several ways. Do not take anything literally. I personally think they do it like, 35 times but I could be wrong.

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Q: How does testing models help economists test their hypothesis?
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What does an economist's work demand?

It depends on where the economist works. In the financial industry and in large corporations, economists are hired to help other employees understand changes in the economy, especially monetary policy changes at the US Federal Reserve. At small colleges, economists are hired to teach economics. At large universities, economists will have research responsibilities in addition to their teaching responsibilities if they want to become full professors.

Why do hypothesis need to be tested?

It is a simple question, but sometimes simple questions do not have simple answers. I have included two related links which I feel are very helpful. Don't be worried if you don't understand much of the math in the second link. You may find less mathematical explanations by searching the internet for "hypothesis testing" You asked this both in science and statistics. You know sometimes the same word can have two meanings. Hypothesis testing is one of them. I will explain why we must test hypotheses in science, and what it means to test them in statistics. In science, a hypothesis is a speculative idea or explanation of a phenomena. Evidence or data is collected in an unbiased manner as possible to either prove it or disprove it. But how much data or evidence do we need? Sometimes, our hypothesis becomes a theory, a reasonable explanation that seems to fit circumstances or events, that will help us make decisions. As more observations seem to support the theory, we consider it to be valid or truthful theory. Many, for example, consider global warming to be a valid theory. Now, for the usage in statistics. Hypothesis testing is a statistical method. Hypothesis testing tells me if I have sufficient data to draw a conclusion, given a certain level of significance. I will give you an example: I have gathered some data and calculated a statistics on smoking. I found in my sample more women smoked than men. But, of course I didn't survey everyone, so there is a chance that my data has error in it, and perhaps I really don't have the necessary support to make this statement about everyone (the general population). So, I use a statistical test, with one hypothesis contrary to what my data suggests, that women and men smoke equally, which we call the null hypothesis. Now, I have a second hypotheis which we call the alternative hypothesis, which is that women smoke more than men. To complete the test, I need to include an "alpha factor" or the level of significance. I can with this factor, make it very easy to disprove the null hypothesis or very difficult. I generally use this factor to make the criteria for choosing between two hypothesis consistent.

True or false Models help people study things that cannot be observed directly?


How do models help you to multiply by one-digit numbers?

You don't need a "model" for that; you just need to know the multiplication method taught in elementary school.

Can saliva sample testing help determine ovulation?

At-home kits that use saliva instead of urine to help determine ovulation have made it more convenient for women trying to conceive children to track their hormonal cycles, eliminating a lot of guesswork.

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What does the researcher hope to do with null hypothesis (the opposite ofthe research hypothesis)?

In fact, any statistical relationship in a sample can be interpreted in two ways: ... The purpose of null hypothesis testing is simply to help researchers decide ... the null hypothesis in favour of the alternative hypothesis—concluding that there is a ...

What does economists do?

Economist help you out with controlling your money

What is psychological assessment?

A psychological assessment is a process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypothesis about a person and their behavior, personality and capabilities.

What science is applied to help people?

Every part of it it's a law that science educators (teachers) have to teach science as in : scientific methods,models,hypothesis and so on.

Did your data support your hypothesis?

so you have to put in did it help you explain your hypothesis

What happens if a hypothesis is tested and shown to be false?

We do not make a clear separation between "proven true" and "proven false" in hypothesis testing. Hypothesis testing in statistical analysis is used to help to make conclusions based on collected data. We always have two hypothesis and must chose between them. The first step is to decide on the null and alternative hypothesis. We also must provide an alpha value, also called a level of significance. Our null hypothesis, or status quo hypothesis is what we might conclude without any data. For example, we believe that Coke and Pepsi tastes the same. Then we do a survey, and many more people prefer Pepsi. So our alternative hypothesis is people prefer Pepsi over Coke. But our sample size is very small, so we are concerned about being wrong. From our data and level of significance, we find that we can not reject the null hypothesis, so we must conclude that Coke and Pepsi taste the same. The options in hypothesis testing are: Null hypothesis rejected, so we accept the alternative or Null hypothesis not rejected, so we accept the null hypothesis. In the taste test, we could always do a larger survey to see if the results change. Please see related links.

What three parts of the government regularly rely on help from economists?

Name Three partes of government that regularley rely on advice from economists

What does the hypothesis test?

to test a hypothesis means to evaluate the gathered facts with the help of an experiment

What do scientists do to help make a hypothesis?

Making a hypothesis is to use your knowledge to come with with an answer or explanation as to what will happen. So a hypothesis is an educated guess.

What information can geographers provide to help economists making decision?

They can tell them which country they are living in.

What does test the hypothesis mean?

to test a hypothesis means to evaluate the gathered facts with the help of an experiment

How do models help the understanding of abstract concepts?

models help the understanding of abstract concepts.