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The distributive property breaks down the equation to make it more simple to do. It is often used for mental math. An example is (12x56). (10x50=500)+(2x6=12) then, (500+12=512).

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Q: How does the distributive property help solve an equality?
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Can you use the distributive property to help you expand and factor expressions?


Why do we have to do the Distributive property rather than using order of operations?

None whatsoever. You might find the distributive property useful when trying to calculate 39*74. Of course, if you are familiar with the 39 times table or the 74 times table, the distributive property is a complete waste of time! But somehow I doubt that level of arithmetic competence.

How is fimding the Area of a rectangle related to Distributive Property?

It is not. You simply multiply length x width.

Can mixed numbers be multiplied?

Yes. The distributive property of multiplication over addition may help.

Why do you use the addition property of equality?

Why? - Mainly to help in solving equations.

What does the distributive property means for multiplication addition and subtraction?

The distributive property is simple. What I do is think of a double rainbow... 5(3+2) = This will be simple. 5 times 3 is fifteen, 5 times 2 is 10. Now that you know about the double rainbow trick, visit math is fun for help with the distributive property.

How can associative property of multiplication can help solve math problems mentally?

You can do the easy bits first. Thus, to calculate 7*5*2, instead of doing 35*2 = 70, you can calculate 7*10 = 70. By itself, the associative property is not as useful as it is in combination with the commutative and distributive properties.

What does the math term distributive?

If you're talkin about the distributive property, here's an example of how to use it: 5(x + 4) You do 5*x= 5x and 5*4= 20 and you get 5x + 20 Get it? Hope could help :)

What is the answer to middle school math pizzazz book d topic 4-b distributive property?

I need help

What property is used to solve the equation x 512?

A proper question would help.

What equations demonstrates the multiplicative inverse property?

You'll need to insert the 'followings' before we can help you solve it.

Which property would help you solve 42 15 28 mentally because you would add 42 and 28 first then add 15?

the property says that a+b+c is the same as a+c+b and it is the commutative property of addition.

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