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The x coordinates move a point to the left and to the right, where as they y coordinates move a point up and down.

Adding a positive number to an x coordinate will ALWAYS move the point to the right, while adding a negative number (subtracting an number) from the x coordinate will ALWAYS move the point to the left.

Here is an example:

Let P = (2,3) //note that all points are listed like this (x-coordinate, y-coordinate)

// that means 2 is the x value and 3 is the y value

If you add the x value + 4, you get 6. That shifts the point to the right one unit, without change the y value. The new point would be (6,3).

If you add the y value - 4, you get -2. That shifts the point to the left two units, without change the y value. The new point would be (-2,3).

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Q: How does the location of the point change as the value of x changes?
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