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Our patio needs replacing. How difficult is it to construct a patio ourselves with concrete pavers?

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Q: How easy is it to work with concrete pavers for a patio?
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What To Expect When Considering Patio Pavers?

Patio pavers can provide an easy alternative to actually installing a full-blown professional outdoor patio. However, you need to know what you are getting into before deciding to use them. Patio pavers come in many different materials and have different installation instructions. Exactly how you install them and how much work that will need to be done will rely on the type of pavers you purchase. You can get interlocking wood, metal or plastic pavers. You can even get pavers made from recycled tire rubber, or pavers made from manmade composites. This is mostly an aesthetic choice. The first thing to understand is that all of these pavers will only be as flat and solid as the ground underneath of them. Some manufactures actually suggest that you dig fourteen inches down and lay a flat concrete surface to act as the foundation. This may not be necessary for the pavers you purchase, however. The best policy here is to dig a few inches down and flatten the area with a rented dirt packer. Depending on the manufacturers instructions, you will probably have to do this for each layer you add. Sometimes sand and gravel have to be added on top of the soil. You will want to put some type of tarp or plastic sheeting underneath of the pavers in order to prevent moisture from coming up through the pavers and damaging them over time. Controlling the moisture that comes in contact with your pavers will be a constant fight. You may notice, perhaps while purchasing your pavers, that there are probably going to be color discrepancies within the batches. This is natural and cannot be avoided. Just try to work the differing colors into each other to make it less noticeable. The last thing to consider is how you will treat the edge of the pavers. The easiest way will be to buy extra pavers and cut them down into pieces that are a few inches wide and line them perpendicular to the pattern that you have already established. However, if this is not satisfactory, you could find stone or bricks and have them cut to specification to line the edges. Patio pavers are a great time saver. Unfortunately, some people do not realize that you do not just purchase them and lay them outside. There is a fair amount of work that must be done, even with their intrinsic convenience.

How much weight can concrete paver blocks hold?

Actually, the question is: How much weight can the soil below the pavers hold? The pavers are simply a top dressing. The stone, sand, sur-pack, or whatever is below the pavers is the thing that is doing the work. If the soil is soft, the pavers will sink under load. If it is firm, the pavers can hold quite a lot.

How does the process of installing a new patio work?

What kind of patio you are installing, stone patio, or concrete patio. If you prefer to to hire someone to do it for you, yes you can go the Angie's list they probably will do a better job for you.

Bring New Life To Your Patio With Brick Pavers?

There is an easy way to beautify your backyard and patio by creating a new area using brick pavers. From simple to dramatic, it’s easy to make a change and no matter what your taste, the wide variety of styles makes it easy to find one for your project. The first thing to do is measure your patio or garden area, basically everywhere you would like a brick paver to go. Then, take a look at all of the different varieties that are available. An important thing to remember when you are comparing prices is that a more expense piece will most likely last longer. So, if you want your patio to hold up for a long period of time, it makes sense to buy a more expensive paver. With bricks, you get what you pay for, so the more money you spend now, the less you will pay for upkeep. Once you pick a style, next you need to decide if you want to install the pavers yourself, or if you want to hire a contractor to do the work for you. If you go to a local do it yourself store, you will be able to find information that will make it easy to do the project yourself. If the project sounds a bit beyond your reach, the store will most likely have the names of local contractors in the area that will complete the project for you. No matter who will be doing the work, make sure to sit down and plan out your new patio area. Talk about any different levels you want to put in and spell everything out. Even if you are doing the project yourself, spell it all out, so when you are in the heat of the moment you have something to fall back on and you will know for sure where you had intended the brick pavers to go. Making the decision to improve your patio with pavers will make it a showcase for the neighborhood and will also make it a great place to entertain. So, go ahead and take the leap today, remodel, you’ll be glad you did.

Where can I find a patio paving company in San Diego?

I would use Interlocking Pavers. They are a fairly priced company. They can be reached at (619) 562-2187. I have used them in the past and I thought they did great work.

Paver Stones Are Attractive?

Stone adds beauty to almost any landscape design. There are many styles of pavers available. Using pavers is an easy way to create paths, enclose flower beds, or provide stepping stones. Pavers can also be used to create driveways or large patios. Because they are commercially made, pavers are easier to work with than natural stone. Their uniform size and shape make them easy to install, and most people can handle the project by themselves with a little training and equipment. Pavers are also durable and will not require a vast amount of maintenance once they have been properly installed.

Saving Money With an Outdoor Patio?

There are several ways in which having an outdoor patio made of concrete can save you money over a deck or porch. When you are planning your next outdoor remodeling project, consider the possibility of replacing your existing wood deck or porch with a durable outdoor patio made of concrete. A concrete patio requires very little maintenance. To clean it you only need to get out the garden hose with the pressure nozzle on the end, or you need to get out the broom. A wooden deck requires an annual inspection to make sure the frame is still safe, and the floor boards are secured to the frame. Once every year, or possibly every other year, you will need to re-stain your deck in order to protect the wood and maintain its appearance. This annual maintenance may also include the back-breaking work of sanding off old stain or sanding frayed wood segments prior to staining. A concrete patio does not heat up like a wooden deck does. That makes the concrete patio more accessible and easy to use in the summer. You would be able to host your summer parties on your cool patio as opposed to allowing everyone to go in and out of your house to escape the hot wooden deck and overworking your central air conditioning. When you use your wooden deck, you can damage it by moving heavy items around or dragging things along the wood. Repairing this damage can be expensive, and if you do not repair it then you run the risk of allowing the wood to be damaged. The durable nature of a concrete patio makes it more able to withstand the rigors of regular use and keeps repair and maintenance costs at a minimum. In the long run, a concrete patio will last much longer than a wooden deck. Your investment in a concrete patio will pay for itself over time in reduced maintenance costs and the longevity of the patio. When you consider all of the savings involved in getting a concrete patio, it makes sense to consider one for your home.

How do you lay travertine?

Travertine Pavers are much easier to install than most other pavers in the marketplace, the reason being that they can be installed dry set.They can be easily laid and, if necessary, easily replaced.First step is to compact the soil with a compactor to ensure that the moisture content of the base is right. Soil that is too damp or too dry may not compact properly.Second, create a border around the edges of the area. You can do this by using a soldier-course pattern with 6x12 travertine pavers, surrounded by concrete around the edge. You can see a picture here: pavers are best set with the dry set method. This way it is possible to achieve a much easier installation process and easy repairs should they become necessary in the future. Travertine pavers can also be mud set on top of existing concrete if the concrete is already in place, there is no reason to remove it.Travertine pavers can be custom cut at the job site using the same tools that are used to cut brick pavers or other natural stones. Any diamond blade should work fine.Last step is, after all pavers are installed, to sweep the sand into the joints of the travertine. An alternative is to use grout or nothing at all.You can see installed pictures at this link:http:/

How many 12x12 pavers do you need for a 12x 12 patio?

Dang, what happened to 2nd grade math? If you are talking a 12 inch by 12" paver in a 12" by 12" patio then you would need only one. If you are talking about a 12 inch by 12 inch paver in a 12 foot by 12 foot patio then you would need 144 pavers (12 X 12 = 144). However, I would suggest that if you cannot answer this question yourself you spend the extra money and hire someone to do the work. In doing so I would also suggest that you have someone else check the math in their bill because you probably won't know if they are overcharging you.

Is it possible to build an uncovered patio beyond the building line?

Yes. Make sure it is not poured concrete. Keep in mind that if utility work is necessary you will have to repair damage at your expense.

How much labor would be charged to lay 25 square meters of paving for a patio?

Approximately 40 hours of labor assuming some excavation and preparation. Could be as little as 15 hours if pavers are placed on an existing surface that is stable and compact. Charge per hour of labor varies a lot - in much of the US and Canada the people actually doing the work will be paid $10 to $15 and hour. THen the company they work for adds a markup to cover a manager and other expenses. You can get a total cost estimate for laying pavers at I hope that helps..

What is the singular possessive of patio?

The possessive form of the singular noun patio is patio's.Example: The patio's shade was a relief from the yard work.

How do you get stains out of wooden patio furniture?

Stain remover for wood surfaces can be purchased at various stores in the cleaning section. A Hard Wood floor cleaner that is easy to find will work best.

What the importance of slump test in concrete work?

The importance of slump test in concrete work is to ensure consistency in the concrete. The test measures the workability of the concrete.

What is the importance of slump test in concrete work?

The importance of slump test in concrete work is to ensure consistency in the concrete. The test measures the workability of the concrete.

Where does a patio come from?

When you ask "where does a patio come from?", it sounds as though you think of a patio as an item already built. A patio is not picked up at a store, it is created, designed and put together by professionals: For a stone or concrete patio, you would contact a concrete contractor or a stone/brick masonry contractor. Sometimes the two will work together to complete the job. If your patio is to be fancy or intricate in design, you should first call a landscape architect or designer. If you want a wood patio, then you are speaking of a deck, or wooden structure either just slightly elevated or quite some distance above the ground level. For decks, call a framing contractor, a general contractor, or sometimes fencing contractors will build decks if not highly complex structurally. Always use a licensed contractor, or you could be liable financially for any problems that occur, such as on the job injuries of the contractors workers. You can and probably will be sued if your contractor is not licensed, and an injury occurs. Pay a little more now, and save a lot later. Contact your states Registrar of Contractors for more information. Then enjoy your new patio, or deck!

Where can one find a patio clock for sale?

One can find a ton of patio clocks for sale at Target, thefind, and Amazon. Thefind website sells a lot of beautiful patio clocks which would work great for a patio.

I need instructions on install pavers for my driveway?

There many sites with many different resources that you could use to install pavers. Some do alot of cystom work ro provide their clients with exactly wat they want

Creating A Vibrant Color for your Concrete Patio?

Concrete patios have been hosting parties and outdoor festivities for years on end. The boring color of grey stone, however, sometimes drags down even the best of backyard parties. This is where concrete stain really makes it presence felt. It comes in an enormous amount of colors and is a very cheap alternative to turning a dull looking patio floor into a vibrant outdoor location. Another great part about stain is that it is an easy project that can be done in a little more than a weekend. Here are a few steps and tips for applying stain to your concrete patio. •Head on over to a local hardware store or nursery and obtain some concrete stain. Usually inexpensive, you will be able to find a few different alternatives to spruce up your concrete. Most of the stains available will come in pre mixed containers that will just have to be shaken for a complete mix to take action. There is also the option of working with a representative of the store to work on a custom color by mixing a few of the stains together. •Clean the area of work diligently. A pressurized washer will need to be used to remove all excessive dirt within any cracks or seams in the concrete. Any harder to remove stains will need an industrial cleaner to remove while all other stains will need no more than a wire brush and some hose water to remove. •Any foliage around the patio will have to be covered with a tarp or plastic sheeting to avoid any of the stain falling upon it and causing damage. There are some who suggest watering the plants completely as a form of protection so that the stain forms upon the water itself. •A concrete cleaner will need to be used containing some forms of phosphoric acid. The acid in the cleaner will greatly assist the stain in absorbing into the concrete and providing an overall covered finish. •Once the concrete cleaner has been applied, the patio will need to be soaked evenly and allowed to sit for a few days. •After the time has passed, the concrete stain can then be applied using an ordinary paint roller. A spray gun can also be used on the edges of the patio and any other hard to reach places. Once complete, allow 2 days to dry and then apply any further coats as necessary to your satisfaction.

What is the easiest material to work with when building decks?

One of the easiest materials you can use in the construction of you home deck and or patio is the classic wood. Easy to use, and shape to any size deck you need or want.

Patio Pavers Can Transform Your Yard?

Many people are looking to improve their homes right now in order to boost their overall market worth. Whether you are looking to improve your home and yard in order to sell your house or if you just want somewhere a little more comfortable to spend your nights after work, one great addition would be to add a patio to your yard. In addition, you could pave your patio in order to make it more permanent and comfortable in the long run. Patio pavers are quite affordable and will make your patio look more professional and beautiful than you ever imagined. Landscape design should always be a reflection of the homeowner who owns the house. If you skimp on landscaping, you are essentially saying that you don’t care what a person’s first impression of your home is. Since many people will only ever see your yard, you have to make sure that it is an adequate expression of who you are. Your personality should be reflected in your landscaping and that will always include the patio if you have one. Getting a patio paved in your yard basically means that you will have somewhere else to spend your time which is wonderful. You can decide how large or small you would like your patio to be. If you have a smaller yard, perhaps you would like your patio to be a smaller version of some others that you’ve seen. In addition, you could add a fire pit to the middle of the patio to makes things a little more interesting. There’s nothing more relaxing than getting home from work to sit around a fire outside in your backyard. It will become your second living room when the weather permits. It will also increase the overall market value of your home which means that putting in a patio can be considered a positive investment. No matter how large or small you’d like your patio to be, you will love the extra space that is created next time you throw a little gathering. You will never run out of space again when having groups of friends or family over which is one less thing you will have to worry about.

What colors go good with a white patio set?

Beige is a top choice to go with a white patio set, however, green, black and neutral colors all work well with a white patio set. With white any color you choose will work great!

Can outdoor living patio furniture be bought online at a reasonable cost? has several reasonable priced patio furniture options. You can chose a patio set that will work with your space and style. Plus, alot of the patio furniture online will ship for free

What do you mean by workability?

workability is the work of the concrete which is done by concrete ability of work is called workability

Will concrete sealer work on asphalt?

My driveway has a ton of cracks in it, and I bought some concrete sealer, but my driveway is asphalt! Will the concrete sealer still work with asphalt?