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You can drive 420 km in 7 hours.

If you can drive 180 km in 3 hours, then you are driving 60 km/h. 60 km multiplied by 7 hours is 420 km.

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Q: How far can you drive in 7 hours if you can drive 180 km in 3 hours?
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How far is the drive from Granada to Barcelona?

About 885 km (9 hours)

How far is Pergamum to Ephesus?

Pergamum, modern day Bergama, is 180 km (112 miles) north of Ephesus, modern day Selcuk and it takes about three hours to drive.

How long does it take to drive 180 km?

How long it takes to drive 180 km depends on the speed on which one is driving. 180 kilometers is equal to 111 miles. At 65 miles an hour without traffic it would take an estimated 2 hours to drive.

How far is Rotterdam from Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is about 75 km Northeast of Rotterdam, about an hours drive.

How far Rome to Pompeii?

241 km, around two and a half hours drive.

How far a drive is it from NYC to Quebec City?

Distance is about 826 km for a 8,5 hours trip.

How far is it from moscow Russia to ivot Russia?

It's 349 Km, about 5 hours drive

What is 180km of 3 hours?

joe drove 180 km in hours?

What is the answer to ''driving 180 km in 3 hours''?

60 km a hr

How far is Marmaris from Dalaman Airport in Turkey?

It is approximately 95 km and takes about 2 hours to drive.

How far drive from Toronto Canada to Fairbanks Alaska?

7,500 km - about 4 days 0 hours

How far is it from Bonn Germany to Berlin Germany?

About 600 km. It about 5 1/2 hours to drive.

How far is from Warsaw to bialystok in Poland?

180 km

How far is 290 km?

290km is about 180 miles.

How far to drive from Sarasota to Charlotte NC?

9 hours, 32 minutes - 626.4 miles / 1001.8 km

How far is Edmonton international airport to Calgary international airport in kilometers?

Its about 210 KM, or a 2 hours drive

Driving at 80 km per hour how far will curtis drive in 2 hours?

If Iโ€™m driving 80 KM per hour how far will I drive in two hours

How many hours to drive 200 km?

2 hours

How far to drive from Amsterdam to Berlin?

Amsterdam, NL to Berlin, Germany 661 km - about 6 hours 15 mins

How far is it from Salamanca to Barcelona in Spain?

It's 855 km, or about 535 mi., and should take about 8.5 hours to drive.

How far is the drive from Seville Spain to Barcelona Spain?

The drive from Seville, Spain to Barcelona, Spain is approximately 998 km - about 10 hours 19 mins.

How far is it from gloucester to London in Km?

Google Earth cites the shortest distance as 164.8 Km.

How many hours will it take to drive 190 km?

2 hours

How far is it from Alicante to sevilla?

If you take the A-92 it is a distance of 598 km and will take approx 6 hours and 20 minutes to drive there

How far away driving is malaga to almeria Spain?

It is about 129 miles (208 KM) and should take you about 3 hours to drive there.