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Q: How far can your little brother get if he can travel at 8.5m s and in 33 seconds you will discover that his squirt gun has run out of paint?
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If the 14 mm nut is seized how do you get it out?

First, you get a 14mm wrench! Hardware stores sell a number of products for freeing rusted nuts. A squirt of a product like WD-40 will help and then you should get it. If it is a security nut, it is a little harder. Then you also have to hit it to get it loose.

How do you find A'nB' in venn diagram?

you funk it till it gets wet, then you let it squirt on the venn diagram .... there u go

2003 Sunfire How many and were are the Lube points?

The most important lube points are rubber mounts that serve as an interface between the suspension and the chasis (one behind each wheel). You need a needle to squirt the grease between the rubber mount and chassis. If you do not do this, your suspension will squeak. I had mine done last year and the squeak is back!! There are also zerk fittings at each tie rod behind the front wheels.

Girls How many times do come during sex and what makes it happen?

I don't know about other girls, but for me it's about 2 to 4 times, and it depends a lot on the guy, and how skilled he is. I like a lot of forplay, because I like to get really, really, hot first. When a guy kisses my neck, or my ear lobes, I know that is really cleshay, sorry, I don't know how to spell it, but it's true. I like him to caress my body gently, the small of my back , my thighs, my breasts. especially my breasts, they make me really hot, in fact, that may be the first time, when he's sucking my breasts. That will make me come. Then when he changes speed, and depth. I mean when he's going very gently, and he gradually speeds up to where he's really pounding me, and he pauses at the end of a stroke, for a instaNT, AND THEN THRUSTS REALLY HARD, That will make me come. At the end, when he comes, if I feel him squirt inside me, which I hopfully will, that will definately, make me explode, like the fourth of July. Fire works and all.