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It varies between 5 miles (8 km) at the poles and 11 miles (18 km) at the equator.

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Q: How far is it to the stratosphere from the ground?
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How far does the stratosphere rise off the ground?

Stratosphere rises to a height of 10- 50 km of the ground. There is no certain distinction of layer in atmosphere.

Is the ozone is only found in the stratosphere?

No, ozone is not only found in the stratosphere. It is because it is also found at ground level.

What percent of the earth's surface is in the stratosphere?

None. The Earth's surface is the ground.

How. Far does the stratosphere extend?

the stratosphere is 50 kilometers away from the earth's surface, and the troposphere is 12 kilometers away from earth's surface. that means that the stratosphere is 38 kilometers. Hope i helped!

What is the distance between the stratosphere and ground in km?

extend upward to about 50 km

How far away is the stratosphere away from the earth?

10,000 miles away

Is the ozone job good or bad?

Ozone is good at the stratosphere. It is bad at the ground level.

How ozone is both beneficial and harmful?

Ozone is beneficial in stratosphere. It acts as a pollutant at ground level.

What layer of the atmosphere is most of the ozone located?

stratosphere 0 to 10km above ground surface

Why ozone layer is far away from the earth?

Ozone is far away in stratosphere. It is because the factors for creation of ozone are up there.

How far does the stratosphere go up into space?

16 to 80 km from earth surface

How far is the ozone layer is from earth?

The ozone layer is located in the stratosphere. It is a pool of ozone molecules.