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Q: How fast does the white eared hummingbird flap its wings per minute and per hour?
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How fast does the white eared hummingbird flap its wings?

120 times per second

How many times does a Black-chinned hummingbird beat it's wings per minute?

it beats about 1,260 per minute

How many times does a ruby throated hummingbird beat its wings in 1 minute?

About 60 beats per second.

How many times does a bee hummingbird flap its wings in a minute?

1 time a second

How many chromosomes do Hummingbirds have?

The hummingbird has around 80 chromosomes. Hummingbirds need large amount of energy because they flap their wings between 60 and 70 times a minute.

How many times a minute does a humming bird flap its wings?

well depending how long they live for? one second they can flap their wings 90 times per second so you do the math per minute 60x90= 5400 times in a minute. so you can work the rest out! Hope i Helped your question!

How many times does a hummingbird beat its wings in one fifth of a minute?

it kinda depends on the hummingbird species, but the average is 10-11 per 12 sec. (btw, next time you can just google something like that and get an immediate answer)

Which bird's wings are designed for hovering?

The hummingbird!

How many times does a hummingbird's wings beat per minute?

From A Ruby-throated Hummingbird, hovering in open space, has a wingbeat rate of about 50-52 times per second. The smaller the hummingbird, the faster the speed, ranging from about 10-80 beats per second. they are fast birds and the can be found in petco or any other pet store

Are hummingbird wings always in motion?

no they are not always in motion

What wing shape do the bee hummingbird have?

Rounded Wings.

What type of claws does hummingbird has?

humming bird wings