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1 knot per hour equals one nautical mile per hour which is equal to 1.151 mph so the wind is going a bit faster than 1 mph.

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Q: How fast is the wind moving at 1 knot per hour?
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What is a knot in a tropical depression?

A knot is a measure of speed, in this case wind speed. 1 knot is equal to about 1.15 miles per hour.

How many kilometers per hour is a 24 knot wind?

your mom! :D

What is fast moving air?


How fast do Neptunes wind blow per second?

neptunes wind can blow up to 1500 miles per hour. because there is no heat to to stop this winds in moving

Is one knot equal to one nautical mile per hour?

1 knot is 1 nautical mile per hour, but the words knot and nautical mile are not always interchangeable in sentences (that is, to say something like "he is 1 knot to the north" would not be grammatically correct. Instead you should say "he is 1 nautical mile to the north", just as it is not truly correct to say "The wind speed was 30 nautical miles per hour". In this case you should say "The wind speed was 30 knots").

How fast is the wind moving on earth?

It changes every day

What is areogynamices?

when a object is moving the wind fast enought or the way the wind is pulling or pushing the object

How fast is the wind in the atmosphere?

about 150 miles per hour

How fast is 8mph wind?

8 miles per hour

Why fast wind is capable of doing more work compared to slow wind?

The energy of a moving object is proportional to the square of its velocity (speed) so fast moving air has much more energy which can be extracted (by a windmill or wind turbine to do work) than slow moving air.

What do you call fast moving water by wind?

The ocean current Duh

What is the term for how fast the wind is blowing?

mph miles per hour