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10 metres in 5 seconds or 2 metres per second.

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Q: How fast would the man be moving if he travels from 10 meters to 0 meters in 5 seconds?
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If a nerve cell travels 100 meters per second how long would it take to travel 600 meters?

(Six hundred divided by one hundred) seconds

How much time would it take the sound of thunder to travel 1500 meters if sound travels at a speed of 330 meters per second?

1500 meters/330 meters per second = 4.55 seconds

What distance would be covered in 12 minutes by a train that travels at a constant speed of 505 meters every 11 seconds?

33,055m or 33.055Km

How far does a cat run if it travels at a speed of 3 ms for 25 seconds?

If by "ms" you mean meters per second, then it would run 75 meters in 25 seconds. If by "ms" you mean miles, a cat is not going to cover 3 miles in 25 seconds, but for argument purposes, the distance the cat would run in 25 seconds would be 3 miles.

What distance would be coveded by a train in 10 minutes if it travels a constant speed of 500 meters every 10 seconds?

30,000 metres or 30km

What disrance would be covered in 10 minutes by a train that travels at a constant speed of 500 meters every 10 seconds?

If a train that goes 500 meters every 10 seconds you will cover 30,000 meters in 10 minutes. <><><> There are 6 units of 10 seconds to a minute. 6x500= 3000 meters per minute. X 10 minutes= 30,000

What is the velocity of a bicycle in meters per second if it travels 1 kilometers west in 4.1 minutes?

1 kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. 4.1 minutes is equal to 246 seconds. Velocity would equal 1000 meters divided by 246 seconds. So the answer is 4.065 meters per second West.

If a nerve signal travels to and from the brain at a speed of 30 meters per second how long would it take the signal to travel 3 meters?

It would take the signal 0.1 seconds to travel 3 metres, given the parameters that you have given.

How do you calculate the velocity of a moving object?

The change in distance divided by change in time. So say it moved 10 meters in 5 seconds, it would be 2 meters per second.

How many km would light travel in a minute?

-Light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second.-There is 31,556,926 seconds in one year.-Light travels 9,460,528,412,464,108 meters in one year and after doing the math, light travels 9,460,528,412,464.108 kilometers in one year.

What would 28.65 seconds for 50 yards swimming convert to for 50 meters?

28.65 seconds for 50 yards would be the same as 31.33 seconds for 50 meters.

A jogger travels at a speed of 5 mile and seconds for one miute How fast would he or she travel in5 miles and seconds?

A jogger travels at a speed of 5 miles and seconds for a minute. How far would he or she travel in that time