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Sinkholes are formed when the supporting water table runs dry and the ground no longer has this strata to stand on. This happens in the states of Florida and Georgia in the US because they have more underground rivers than most. The ground simply collapses down the now dry rivers that were once filled with water. These are the first real signs of a major drought.

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Q: How form sinkhole?
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How long does it take to form a sinkhole?

It can form in seconds.

How does a sinkhole form?

a caverns roof becomes too thin to hold whats on top of it and eventually falls in to from a sinkhole

Where would a Sinkhole most likely form?


How does a sinkhole lake form?

often sinkholes becomes plugged by sediments and later gets filled with water forming sinkhole lakes

What will happen when water and limestone interact?

A sinkhole will eventually form

How is chemistry related to Guatemala sinkhole?

Most sinkholes form when mildly acidic water dissolves limestone underground, this forms a limestone cave. A sinkhole occurs when the cave collapses.

What is the abstract of sinkhole?

There is no abstract noun form for the concrete noun'sinkhole', a word for a physical cavity in the ground.The noun 'sinkhole' is sometimes used in an abstract context in relation to approaching a danger or ill advised situation (You can't afford to invest in a sinkhole like that.)

What happened with the sinkhole?

the sinkhole got bigger

What would you see if you stood near a sinkhole?

a sinkhole

What is an analogy of sinkhole?

Sinkhole is to ground as thunderstorm is to sky.

What is at the end of a sinkhole?

Yo mamma's at the end of a sinkhole

What can form when water supporting the roof of a cavern drains and the roof falls?

A sinkhole forms.

Can a person survive a sinkhole?

you can survive a sinkhole if it is not very deep

What does a sinkhole provide?

A sinkhole provides drinking water!

Is a sinkhole a natural disaster?

Yes, a sinkhole is considered a natural disaster.

How does the layer of orange haze in blue holes form?

blue holes are inland underwater caves that form when land collapses, creating a sinkhole.

What do you need to get into a sinkhole on horse isle2?

Talk to the creature sitting next to the sinkhole. They will tell you what you need to do to appease them and enter the sinkhole. The creature's name will have "Guardian" in it.

As weathering eats away pockets of limestone underground what are likely to form?


When did Guatemala sinkhole happen?


What is a short definition for sinkhole?

sinkhole is a hole formed in soluble rock by action of water.

What is the difference between a sinkhole and quicksand?

a sinkhole is a hole and quicksand is just wet sand

How does a sinkholes form?

a caverns roof becomes too thin to hold whats on top of it and eventually falls in to from a sinkhole

What is the difference between a whirlpool and sinkhole?

A whirlpool is a dynamic current in water, a sinkhole is a hole in the ground.

How do caves and sinkholes form?

Most caves form from the dissolution of carbonate rock over time by naturally acidic rain and groundwater. A sinkhole can form on the surface when a cave ceiling collapses from gravity.

What actors and actresses appeared in Sinkhole - 2009?

The cast of Sinkhole - 2009 includes: Jason Harris as Broker