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1 = 9.5 gm (UK 1 Pound coin)

1,000 = 9.5 kg

1,000,000 = 9,500 kg

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Q: How heavy would a million pound coins be?
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Would 1 million pound coins would fit in a telephone box?


If you had 1 million pound in 1 pence coins how many 1 pence coins would you have?

There are 100 pence in a pound. Multiply by 100

How much space would 1 million 1 pound coins take up?

Assuming that 1 pound is 4cm 3 then 1 million would be 4 million cm 3. Pound coin is 3.15 mm thick so a tower of 1 million, would be 3150 metres tall.

Will 1 million pound coins fit in a telephone box?

It would depend on the size of the telephone box, but probably not.

If five million one pound coins are laid edge to edge along the M1 starting from leeds and south how far will they reach?

5 Million One Pound coins placed edge to edge would stretch for 112.5 kilometres. Travelling via the M1, that would put you somewhere in the vicinity of Nottingham.

How heavy is a pound of fjhfjhdfh?

A pound is a measurment of weight. The weight of a pound does not change. Therefore, a pound of "fjhfjhdfh" would be equivalent to a pound of "abc" or "xyz", they would all be as heavy as a pound.

How much would 5000 weigh in pound coins?

The weight of a £1 coin is 9.5 grams. Therefore 5,000 would weigh 47,500 grams. This equates to: 47.5 kilo 105 lb Curiously, at todays' market values, this weight in gold (105lb) would be worth $1,464,320. 5000lb of gold (which, lest we forget, is what the currency used to be based upon) would be worth over $70million

Which would be worth more a pound of 10 pure gold coins or half a pound of 20 pure gold coins?

A pound of gold is worth more than half a pound of gold.

How many One Pound coins are in 100g?

A British One Pound coin weighs 9.5 grams, so about 10.5 One Pound coins would weigh 100 grams.

How heavy would an apple be 2 pounds or half a pound?

2 pounds half a pound

How heavy is a 100 pound man on mars?

He would be 37.6 pounds.

How many 50 cent coins to the kilogram?

An Australian 50 cent coin weighs 15.55 grams. There would be 64 x 50 cent coins in one kilogram.