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2 pounds

half a pound

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Q: How heavy would an apple be 2 pounds or half a pound?
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How heavy is a 100 pound man on mars?

He would be 37.6 pounds.

How heavy is thirty three pound?

33 pounds would weigh 33 pounds. Thank you for your question.

How heavy is a pound of fjhfjhdfh?

A pound is a measurment of weight. The weight of a pound does not change. Therefore, a pound of "fjhfjhdfh" would be equivalent to a pound of "abc" or "xyz", they would all be as heavy as a pound.

Will 10 pounds of gold equal 10 pounds of feathers?

There will be more feathers but the weight will be the same :10 pounds of feathers 10 pounds of gold 10 pounds of each <><><> In MOST cases, would agree with the above, but GOLD is different. Gold, Platinum, and all precious metals are measured in TROY ounces and TROY pounds, where feathers are measured in ordinary (avoirdupois) pounds. A TROY pound has 12 ounces instead of 16, and is not as heavy as a standard pound. This is the rare case of a pound NOT being a pound.

How many pounds does half a pound equal?

lbs are pounds, so half a pound would be half a lb

Would a stove best be weighed in ounces or in pounds?

Since a stove is quite a heavy object, it would be best measured using pounds. Ounces are smaller (1/16th of an imperial pound) and make less sense for weighing large objects.

What would you weight to get 5 pounds?

a pound of turkey

What is 130 earth pounds on Venus'?

A 100 pound person would weigh 88 punds so a 133 pound person on venus would weigh 121 pounds

If you pay 1.20 for two pounds of candy how much would you pay for half a pound?

If you pay $1.20 for two pounds of candy, how much would you pay for half a pound?

How do you convert ounces into pounds?

To convert ounces to pounds, divide the number of ounces by 16. This is because there are 16 ounces in a pound. For example, to convert 32 ounces to pounds, you would divide 32 by 16 to get 2 pounds.

How many 10 pound notes make 15 000 pounds?

1,500 Ten Pound notes would add up to 15,000 Pounds.

How much would a 60 pound on the moon?

10 pounds.