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Not all super balls bounce the same way. We would have to know more about the ball, such as its size and the material it's made of.

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Q: How high does a super ball bounce at 2 and a half feet?
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Sharon drops a rubber ball from a height of 48 feet Every bounce sends the ball half as high as it was before?


How is he bounce height of a ball related to the drop height?

it's usually half of each bounce i believe.

A ball is dropped from height of 24m. With each bounce the ball reaches a height that is half its previous bounce. How far has the ball traveled by the time it comes to rest?

72 meter

Sharon drops a rubber ball from a height of 48 feet every bounce sends the ball half as high as it was before what is the total vertical distance the ball has traveled?

After bouncing 7 times the answer is 196.26feet.

A ball is dropped from 10 feet above the ground.It hits the ground and bounces up half as high as it fellThis is true for each successive bounce.What height does the ball reach on the fourth bounce?

1.75 ft

If a ball is dropped from a height of 24 m and with each bounce the ball reaches a height that is half the height of the previous bounce how far has the ball traveled by the time it comes to rest?

72 meters

If a ball is dropped at a height of 24 meters with each bounce the ball reaches the height that is half the height of the previous bounce how far does the ball travel by the time it comes to rest?

Answer: 66 Meters. Just had that same problem on a math mates worksheet.

How high should a tennis ball covered in Rootbeer bounce?

Historically, when the ball get's wet with any liquid, it will drop and dribble 2 or 3 times and then stay on the ground. The highest it will probably bounce is about half a foot.

Do all balls bounce and why?

All balls will bounce based on the surface you bounce it on. Even a bowling ball will bounce at least a centimeter or half a centimeter even though it is hard to determine whether it is getting off the ground or not. Of course it wont bounce if you bounce it on something soft and break through, but it will bounce on a hard cement floor. It will bounce because it will have potential energy weighing it down and if the floor is harder than the ball, the ball will move off like opposite sides of a magnet. but only for a while until our gravity pulls it down and stops it. Hope that helped.

How can i test if my soccer ball is pumped up enough?

check if it bounces, if not its flat! hope I helped second answer: If you put pressure on it with your feet or fingers, the ball should give in a little, but not much. Another way you can test it is if you raise the ball to your head, then drop it on firm grass, the ball should bounce back up around half your height.

How far should a tennis ball launcher shoot a ball using a half ounce of lighter fluid?

it can go 3 feet. 10 feet if its a full ounce.

A ball is dropped from a height of 128 meters Each time the all bounces to half of its previous height After one bounce the ball readches a height of 64 meters How high did the ball reach after the 7?

1 metre

A ball is dropped from a height of 12 feet and returns to a height that is one half of the height from which it fell How far would have the ball traveled when it hits the floor for the fifth time?

34.5 feet

When is the non-throwing scrum half offside when the ball is in a scrum?

When they exceed the ball at the feet of the opposing players of the other team.

What does offensive mean in soccer?

Attacking. Whenever the ball is at the feet of a midfielder or forward, on the attacking half of the pitch.

What kind of a kick was made to start off the second half of the 2010 Super Bowl by the Saints?

An onside kick by the New Orleans Saints was made to Start the second half of Super Bowl XLIV. The Saint retrieved the ball.

In rugby how does the ball come out of the scrum?

The ball is fed in to the "tunnel" by the scum half. It is the job of the loosehead prop (who is on the same side as the scrumhalf putting the ball in) will step forward on the attacking push . Their left foot is employed to stop the ball being pushed back out of the scum. The hooker (no 2) is employed to "hook" the ball with their feet (no hands are allowed in a scrum to touch the ball else is penalty is awarded against the offender) The ball having been hooked is in effect back heeled to the feet of the second row who then will move it with their feet to those of the number 8. This is the ideal scenario. However, it is not unusual for the feet of all the Front Row to be employed in retrieving the ball and for the flankers to channel back to the number 8. The back rows job is to protect the ball and the scrum half and allow the effective delivery to the half backs

How many feet are in a half a mile?

There are 5,280 feet in a mile, so half a mile is half that, or 2,640 feet.

How many feet are in two and a half yards?

there are seven and a half feet in two and a half yards.

How many feet in a mile in and a half?

5,280 feet in a mile, 2,640 feet in a half mile so there are 7,920 feet in a mile and a half

Half a yard is how many feet?

A yard is three feet, so half a yard would be one and a half feet.

How many feet does one half yard equal and why?

One half yard equals one and one half feet because there are three feet in one yard, so half of three feet is one and one half feet.

How do you pass a ball in soccer?

Passing a ball is simple especially when you are first starting it is crucial to pass with your dominant foot. You simply use the top half of the ball on the inside of your foot to your teammate's feet, hopefully fast.

Which ball travels father a golf ball or baseball?

Golf ball. The longest home runs by MLB players are about 500 feet. That's about 170 yards, which is about half as far as the longest drives by professional golfers.

A half yard equals how many feet?

one and a half feet