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1 and 1 half 3 one yard then the 1 and one half feet is one half of a yard so 1 and 1 half feet.

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Q: How many yards in 4 and one half feet?
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Who many yards are in one and a half yards?

1.5 yards / 5.5 feet

Seven and one half feet equals how many yards?

7.5 feet = 2.5 yards.

How many feet are in one and a half yards?

3 feet 6 inches

How many yards are in 5 and one-half feet?

5.5 Feet is equal to 1.83333333 Yards. (1 Yard = 3 Feet)

How many cubic yards is 7 and one half cubic feet?

7.5 cubic feet = 0.27 cubic yards.

How many feet in one and half yards?

1 yard = 3 feet so 1.5 yards = 1.5*3 = 4.5 feet.

How many feet purchased if bought 4 yards?

One foot and a half One foot and a half

How many ft are in half a yard?

There are 1.5 feet in half a yard. To convert yards to feet, you can multiply the number of yards by 3 (since 1 yard is equal to 3 feet).

3 and one half yards equals how many feet?

the answer is 10ft and 6in

How many feet in 17 and a half yards?

There are 3 feet in one yard. Therefore, 17.5 yards is equal to 17.5 x 3 = 52.5 feet.

How many square yards does forty one feet of carpet equal?

4 and a half square yards. . .a square yard is nine sq feet

7 12 feet equals blank yards?

There are 3 feet to a yard. It would be 2 yards and one and a half feet, if the nuber above is 7 and a half. 237.3 yards if the number is 712 feet.