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One million 1-dollar bills would be about 358.33 feet tall.

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Q: How high is a Stack 1 million dollars?
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Related questions

What does a stack of 60 million American dollars look like?

Quite amazing: the stack of 60 million 1-dollar bills would be 4.07 miles (6.55km) high! Each US banknote measures 0.11mm thick when new.

What is the thickness of a dollar bill?

A US dollar bill is 0.0043 inches (just over 1/10 mm) thick, requiring nearly 233 dollar bills for a stack 1 inch high. A billion dollars in a vertical stack would then be 67.8 miles high. (4.3 million inches).

How high is a stack of 1 dollar bills?

It depends on how many dollar bills you have! Lacking that variable, one US dollar is 0.0043 inches thick. So, a stack of one million dollars is about 358 feet four inches high.

How high would a stack of 6.5 million be in centimetersMetersKilometers?

The answer depends on 6.5 million what, and in what units. A stack in 50 pounds notes will be different from a stack for the same amount in 1 penny coins.

How much volume of 1 million dollar bill stack up?

100 dollar bills would stack 44 inch high

How much space does it take to stack up 387 million dollars in 100 dollar bills need?

387X43"= 1 stack 16641" tall or---1386.75 feet tall

How much money approximately did high school musical make?

about 1 million dollars about 1 million dollarsabout 1 million dollars about 1 million dollarsabout one million dollars$1,000,000

How high is one million dollars in one dollar bills If the stack of 100 one dollar bills is one inch?

First we need to see how many stacks of $100 dollar bills go in $1 million. So $1000000/100 = 10000 stacks. If each stack is 1 inch then the pile will be 10000 inches high. Since 1 foot = 12 inches this will be 833.3 feet high (1 decimal place)

How much is 1 million pounds in us dollars?

1 million British pounds = 1.96900 million U.S. dollars.

How high would a stack of 1 million US 1 dollar bills be?

All US paper money is 0.11 mm thick. Multiplying by a million simply involves moving the decimal point 6 places to the right, so the stack would be 110000 mm high. There are 1000 mm in a meter so converting to a more useful unit, the stack is 110 m high, or about the height of a 40-story building.

How High would you have to stack 100 dollar bills to make 1 billion dollars?

You'd better find a tall ladder: the stack would be 3,583.33 feet tall.

What is one million dollars equal to in 2014 dollars?

1 million dollars = 1 million dollars

How tall is 1 million dollars in 1 dollar bills?

The height of a stack of 1,000,000 one dollar bills measures 4,300 inches or 358 feet - about the height of a 30 to 35 story building.

A stack of a million 1 bills would be how many inches?

That would be 4300 inches -about a s high as a 35 story building

How large is one billion dollars in 100 dollar bills?

Each bill is 0.0043 inches (0.11 mm) thick, and there are 10 million $100 bills in $1 billion. So 10 million bills stacked up would make a stack 43,000 inches -- or about 2/3 mile -- high.

What is 30 percent of 5 million dollars?

$1,500,000. 1 and half million dollars.

What is the payout on 40 to 1 odds betting 1 million dollars?

You would win 40 million dollars and also get your 1 million dollars back.

How do you calculate 30 percent of a million dollars?

30% of 1 million dollars = 1 million*30/100 = 300 thousand dollars.

Would1 billion dollars be more than 1 million dollars?

Yes, 1 billion dollars is $1,000,000,000. 1 million dollars is $1,000,000.

Multiply 40 million by 1 million US dollars?

Question what is the total amount in US dollars if 1 million dollars is given to 40 million people ?

How high would a trillion dollars in one dollar bills be stacked?

A trillion dollars USD (1 x 10^12 dollars), in a stack with $233 to the inch, would reach a height of more than 67,000 miles (67,737 miles).

What is 1 million dollars minus 90 thousand dollars?

1 million dollars minus 90 thousand dollars is $910,000.00

What does it mean to have a million dollars?

The meaning of having a million dollars is that the value of your assets and property equals 1 million dollars.

How many dollars are there in 1 million?

There are a million dollars in one million dollars,however if you mean one million the number then there are no dollars in one million.

How many crores make 1 million dollars?

0.1 crore dollars make 1 million dollars.