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Q: How high is a wall that cast a 13ft shadow at the same time that a 5ft flagpole cast a 5ft shawdow?
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If a flagpole cast a shadow of 7.7m and a pole cast a shadow of 1.2m how tall is the flagpole?


A meter stick cast a shadow 1.4m long at the same time a flagpole casts a shadow 7.7m long the triangle formed by the meterstick and its shadow is tall is the flagpole?

84 feet tall

When will an upright flagpole cast no shadow?

When the light source is directly over it or at night.

If billboard is 18 ft high and cast a 24 ft shadow at the same time a flagpole next to a billboard cast a 60 ft shadow how high is the flagpole?

They both have the same tangent ratio so let the flagpole be x: x/60 = 18/24 Multiply both sides by 60: x = 1080/24 x = 45 feet

How tall is a flagpole that casts a shadow of 28 feet long with a man 5 feet tall who cast a shadow of 4 feet long?

35 feet tall.

What is the height in feet of a flagpole which casts a 6-foot shadow when a 6-foot man cast a 3-foot shadow?

Using trigonometry its height is 12 feet

How tall is a flagpole that casts a shadow of 35 feet long with a man 6 feet tall who cast a shadow of 8 feet long?

The height of the flagpolle is 26.25 feet

A 60-foot -tall flagpole casts a 42-foot long shadowat the same time of daywhat would be the length of a shadow cast by an 18-foot-tall building?

The lenght of the shadow will be 12.6 ft

If a tree casts a shadow of fifteen meters long how tall is the tree?

Not enough information has been given to solve this problem such as: What is the angle of elevation?

Thomas happened to notice that at 400 PM on his uncle's farm a fence post that was 5 feet tall cast a 3 foot shadow He also noticed that a nearby tree cast a 12 foot shadow How tall is the tree?

I think this question is about similar shapes. To answer this divide the height of the tree, 5ft, by the shadow cast by it, 3 ft. This will give you the scale factor. To then find the answer, times the scale factor by the shawdow cast by the nearby tree, and will find your answer in ft. Hope this helped.

The shadow cast by a house is 55 feet long.At the same time a flagpole that is 15 feet tall casts a 25 foot long shadow.How tall is the house?


If Blake is 5 feet tall and casting a 20 foot shadow how tall is the flagpole next to him whose shadow is 60 feet long?

The flagpole is 15 feet in height. At any given moment of the day, all of the shadows that are cast by objects will have lengths that are equally proportional to the actual height of the object. Since Blake's shadow is 20 feet long and he is actually 5 feet tall, actual heights are going to be one fourth (1/4) of the length of any shadow they cast, at that specific time of the day. 60 x (1/4) = 15 feet.