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Q: How high will a 20 foot extension ladder go?
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What is the minimum length of a ladder required to access a roof surface 12 feet off the ground?

You should normally have three rungs(steps) past the surface you are climbing to from the ladder. They are a foot apart on most ladders so 15 feet would be close. Add a foot since you have to angle the ladder appropriately(scope) so 16 feet or longer is safe. A 20 foot extension ladder would be a good choice.

When a painter leans a 20 foot ladder against a building the base of the ladder is 12 feet from the building to the nearest foot how high on the building does the ladder go?


How high up on a building will a 15 foot ladder reach if the foot of the ladder is placed 5 feet from the building?


How long must a ladder be to reach the top of a 20 foot wall if the ladder and the wall form a 32 degree angle?

Hypotenuse = 20/sin580 = 23.58356807 Length of ladder: rounded to 23.584 feet

Does anyone know what the price of an 35 foot extendable ladder at Home depot would cost?

Unfortunately, Home Depot do not offer a 35ft extendable ladder. However they do stock a 20 or 40ft extendable ladder. The price of a 35 foot extendable ladder from Amazon is $514.

When a painter leans a 29 foot ladder so that the base of the ladder is 21 feet from the wall. What is the height at which the top of the ladder touches the wall?

Using Pythagoras' theorem it is 20 feet

How long is the average ladder?

They vary, you can get a 2 foot, ladder up into the 20 feet tall range

Can a 20-foot ladder reach a height of 10 yards?


Is Jeff hardys 20 ft swanton on orton real?

To quote good ol' JR, how can you fake falling off a 20 foot ladder?

How long is an average racquetball court?

Regulation indoor court is 40 foot long, 20 foot wide and 20 foot high.

How high is th WWE money in the bank ladder match brief case?

about 20 feet

How long must a ladder be to reach the top of a 20' wall if the ladder and the wall form a 32 degree angle (at the angle)?

Then an angle of 58 degrees will be at the bottom of the ladder. Use trigonometry and the sine ratio: sin = opp/hyp and hyp = opp/sin hyp = 20/sin(58) = 23.58356807 length of ladder = 24 feet to the nearest foot