How high will a ball bounce?

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Q: How high will a ball bounce?
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How high can a ball bounce in a warm atmosphere?

bounce a ball and you'll find out

How high will a basketball bounce if it has oxygen in it?

how High will a basket ball bounce if it has oxygen in it

How high does a ball bounce depending of the air pressure in the ball?

the ball bounce high cause of the air in the ball If there is more air pressure in the ball it will bounce higher likewise if there is less air pressure it will bounce lower. This could be done by exposing the ball in different temperatures. If the ball gets hotter it will bounce higher and if gets colder it will bounce lower.

Does the bounce of the ball effect the distance it can be hit?

Yes the bounce of the ball affects the distance it can cover. As the ball bounces, the gravitational force acts on it such that it slows the movement of the ball. High bounce= low trajectory and low bounce=high trajectory.

How does density effect the bounce of a ball?

If the balls weight is heavy it will not bounce as high but if the ball is lighter it will have more of a Chance to bounce higher.

Does the shape or size of a ball effect the bounce of it?

Does the size of the ball determine how high the ball will bounce? I need the answer for a science project.

How high should a tennis ball bounce?

it should bounce high enough to get over the net

How does air pressure effect the bounce of a basketball?

the ball wont bounce high enough for you to bounce it.

How high can a soccer ball bounce?

It can't.

What makes a golf ball bounce high?

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How high will ball bounce?

10 inches

Does the weight of a bounce ball have an effect on how high it will bounce?

yes because the more the air the higher the ball will bounce and the less the air and the lower the balls will bounce

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