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The US paper currency (which is all the same size) is reportedly 0.0043 inches thick.
Thus 50000 * 0.0043 = 215 inches

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Q: How high would a stack of 20 bills be if you had 50000 20 bills?
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How many dollar bills in a stack one inch high?

A one-inch stack would contain about 233 bills.

How high would a stack of 100.00 dollars bills be to equal one trillion dollars?

The stack would be about 678.66 miles high.

How tall is a stack of 1000000000 dollar bills?

A stack of 1,000,000,000 one-dollar bills would be about 358,333.33 feet tall or 67.87 miles high.

How tall is a stack of one dollar bills worth 17 million?

17 million one-dollar bills would stack to about 6,091.67 feet high.

How high would a stack of 195 hundred dollar bills be?

195 100-dollar bills would be 0.84 inches tall.

How much would a stack of 1 bills one mile high be worth?

10,000 i guess

How much room does it require to store 50000 dollars in US 100 dollar bills?

Not much. Storing $50000 in hundred-dollar bills would require 500 bills. Current US banknotes are 0.11 mm thick on average so 500 would make a stack only 500 × 0.11 = 55 mm high. All bills have horizontal dimensions of 156 × 66.3 mm so you could easily hold the entire stack in one hand. For comparison, that's (very) roughly the volume of four packs of playing cards.

How much money in a stack of hundred dollar bills?

One hundred times the number of bills in the stack. Banks normally wrap bills in roughly half inch-high stacks of 100 bills each. Assuming that this is the size stack you are referring to, then there would be $100 x 100 = $10,000 in such a stack.

How much volume of 1 million dollar bill stack up?

100 dollar bills would stack 44 inch high

How much money would 1003 foot high stack of dollar bills contain?

Apx. $2,799,070.00

How high is a stack of 1 billion dollar bills?

mad high son

How High would you have to stack 100 dollar bills to make 1 billion dollars?

You'd better find a tall ladder: the stack would be 3,583.33 feet tall.

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