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Q: How inequality and injustice can impact on individuals?
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Who fought against racial inequality in the US?

well..... i think that martin Luther king fought AGAINST injustice and inequality because he made everyone consider and know that injustice and inequality is not right in the human race.

Do you think American-style capitalism is a good thing or is it the single most important reason for inequality and injustice in this world?

Inequality and injustice have been around since the begining of time. Read your history books and you'll see it in every culture and society. American-style capitalism has nothing to do with inequality and injustice.

What does the character Mr. Lindner most likely symbolize?

Injustice [APEX]

What is a synonym for the word injustice?

inequality, unfairness, wrong, injury, prejudice

What is social injustice?

Social injustice is the unfairness or injustice of a society by the divisions of burdens and rewards and other inequalities. It's the social inequality or a great disadvantage that a group may receive.

What statements are basic principles of Marxism?

private property should be abolished because it is the source of injustice and inequality

Is social injustice a Christian group fighting for human rights?

No, the term 'social injustice' is a concept or view of the unfairness of a society's rewards and burdens from an individuals perspective. What is injustice for one may not be for another.

What did Voltaire attack in his writings?

Voltaire targeted and attacked corrupt officials and idle aristocrats. With his pen he battled inequality, injustice, and,superstion

What is the definition of racial inequality?

Racial Inequality isn't something new, Historical contexthave shown that the issue of racil ineuqlity has been brought up since the colonization. Racial Inequality is the unequal treatment of minority...

What did the Hebrews traditional teach about responsibility of the individuals and community to combat injustice?

fuclAnswer this question…

What upsets Libras?

Injustice, inequality, harsh treatment of others.. Libras are typically very laud back and it takes ALOT for them to get upset but when they do it can be pretty bad!

In sociology what is the difference between inequality and inequity?

Inequality refers primarily to the condition of being unequal, and it tends to relate to things that can be expressed in numbers.1Inequity, in its main sense, is a close synonym of injustice and unfairness, so it usually relates to more qualitative matters.2 For example, one might say that income inequality results from inequity in society, or that inequality in taxation is a great inequity.