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A fraction is a division problem. The line in a fraction can be thought of as the words "divided by."

3/4 = 3 divided by 4

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Q: How is a division problem similar to a fraction?
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What problem is in every fraction?


Can a fraction division problem come up as a fraction as an answer?


Why can you write a division problem as a fraction?

when you are writing a division problem as a fraction u take the remainder of your problem and make it the numerator and make the number you are dividing by the denominator

Can you reduce a fraction in a division problem?


How do you know when to turn a division problem into a fraction?

When the numerator and denominator of the division do not have a common factor.

The numerator in a fraction is like which part of a division problem?


How do you write a fraction as a decimal and a percent?

-- A fraction is just a shorthand way of writing a division problem. When you see a fraction, it means (the top number) divided by (the bottom number). -- Take the fraction. Set up the division problem, and do the division. -- The answer to the division is the decimal form of the fraction. -- Take the decimal form. Move the decimal point in it two places to the right. Now you have the percent that's equal to the fraction.

What is the top number of the division problem called?

The number which is on top of the division problem is the answer, obviously, or the quotient. :) The top number of a fraction is the numerator.

How do you change a division problem into a fraction?

Fractions are division problems. The line in a fraction can be read as "divided by." 2/3 is actually 2 divided by 3.

What is left in a division problem when a quotient is found?

Usually a remainder, decimal or fraction; depending on how you are doing your division

Can 0.999... be a division?

Yes, EVERY fraction is a division problem. .999 is 999/1000 (999 divided by 1000)

How do you turn a division problem into a fraction?

two divided by four = 2/4

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