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How is a thermometer like a number line?

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Q: How is a thermometer like a number line?
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Real life use of vertical number line?

A thermometer.

How is a thermometer different from a number line?

On the negative side it is finite: the number line goes on forever in both directions.

What is the red line on a thermometer?

The red line on a thermometer is the line that indicates what the thermometer is set to. If the red line is on 75, then the heat or the air will run until the temperature in the room gets to 75.

How do you correctly position the number lines on a thermometer?

NUMBERING is a correct position the number lines on a thermometer.

Why do you rotate the stem of the clinical thermometer when you read the thermometer?

If it is an analog thermometer, the face of the thermometer is shaped in a way that magnifies the readout, but it has a very narrow angle of visibility. Once rotated to the proper angle, the once thin line becomes a thick, easy to read line.

What did first thermometer look like?

it looked like a modern thermometer

What did the first thermometer look like?

it looked like a modern thermometer

How is a thermomerter like a number line?

If you noticed turn the thermomerter side ways and there you have it the number line and there are positive numbers and negitive numbers just like a number line

Is a clinical thermometer a type of analog thermometer?

If its a digital readout, no, because it has a limited number of readings, whereas a analogue (liquid ) thermometer has a (theoreticallly) unlimited number of readings.

How does a food thermometer relate to math?

because it has a number on it's thermometer for food.

What does a number line look like?


How do you tell how hot or cold something is?

use a thermometer.We can feel how hot or cold something is. However, sometimes things are just too hot or cold for us to feel safely. At other times we need to know exactly how hot or cold something is. When we need to measure temperature correctly we need to use an instrument called a thermometer. This measures temperature in degrees Celsius [sometimes called centigrade] or degrees Fahrenheit. There are different types of thermometers for different situations. A medical thermometer, for example, needs to be very accurate. It measures in fractions of degrees. When we are ill, even tiny changes in temperature are important. Some thermometers use a liquid that moves up a very fine glass tube. Most room thermometers, and outdoor thermometers are like this. The liquid is either mercury [ which is poisonous] or coloured alcohol. As liquids get warmer they expand [get bigger], and move up the tube. Water expands too, but not as much as alcohol and mercury. Thermometers that might be used by small children are not made of glass. They use a digital display which lights up the temperature. Inside the displays are chemicals that change colour according to the temperature.