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Division is a magnified decrease in quantity by separating one larger quantity into groups of smaller quantities. It is used to find out how many times one quantity is contained in another. It is the inverse of multiplication and is indicated by the ratio symbol (/). The result of division is known as the quotient.

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Q: How is division defined in arithmetic?
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Is an arithmetic operation or combination of arithmetic operations that results to a number?

Yes, provided they are defined (ie excluding division by 0).

What is an arithmetic operator?

The typical arithmetic operators are addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/).

What is the arithmetic operation that divides contents in a cell?

the division symbol (/)The arithmetic operator that divides contents of a cell is division.

What is the arithmetic density of Yemen?

The quantity of arithmetic cannot be measured and so the density is not defined.

Which is an arithmetic operation?

The four basic operations of arithmetic are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What are the examples of arithmetic operation?

The 4 basic arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Is multiplication an arithmetic operation?

yes, there are four arithmetic operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

What arithmetic operation throws arithmetic exceptions in java?

The only arithmetic exception I can think of seeing has been caused by a division by zero statement. Trying to do integer division by 0 or mod 0 will result in this arithmetic exception. Note that floating point division by zero will result in "Infinity" being returned, and floating point modulus will result in "NaN" being returned.

Arithmetic operator that divides contents of cells?


What arithmetic operator performs division?

forward slash /

Division by an integer is always defined?

Division by an integer is always defined only when the divisor is not zero

What combines multiplication with sums?

A combination of multiplication and sums is called arithmetic. Subtraction and division are also included in arithmetic.

What is mitosis defined as division of?

Mitosis is division of cells

What is an arithmetic function?

An arithmetic function is any function which is defined for all positive integers, and has values which are either real or complex.

Can you divide a fraction by zero?

Division by zero is not possible in arithmetic.

What is the name for multiplication and division?

I would just call them "multiplication" and "division". Both are examples of arithmetic operations.

What are arithmetic expressions?

It is a collection of numerical values along which are combined using arithmetic operations such as powers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

What is the need of arithmetic shifting?

The need of arithmetic shifting is useful in different ways. But is used mostly in multiplication or division and powering it by two.

Why does the nth term of arithmetic sequence work?

Because that is how it is defined and derived.

What is an arithmetic problem with subtraction and division?


What are the arithmetic and logical operator?

arithmetic operator are the operator which used to perform some basic operations like addition, subtraction ,multiplication (*),division(/).

Are most mathematical terms defined?

No. For example, division by 0 is not defined.

What is an arithmetic-geometric mean?

An arithmetic-geometric mean is a mean of two numbers which is the common limit of a pair of sequences, whose terms are defined by taking the arithmetic and geometric means of the previous pair of terms.

What is arithmetic?

Arithmetic is the process of applying the four basic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to numbers.

What arithmetic operator directs Excel to perform the division operation?

the divide symbol (/)