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Definition of Precision: Referring to how close a group of measurements are to each other.

Accuracy: Refers to how close the measurement is to the true or accepted value.

If the volume of the water was 20 L and I measured it wrong one and got 19, measured it again and got 19, and then measured it a third time and got 19, that would be a PRECISE measurement, since you got the same result three times in a row. It's INACCURATE because it isn't the CORRECT measurement.

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Q: How is it possible to get three precise but inaccurate measurement of the same volume of water?
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Should be used to make a precise measurement of liquid volume?

gradulated cylinder

What h of the following should be used to make a precise measurement of liquid volume?

Graduated cylinder

How many liter in kilo gram?

Not possible to answer - a litre is a measurement of volume, while a kilogram is a measurement of weight!

What instrument which would be more accurate for measuring the volume of a liquid?

A graduated cylinder is utilized to get a more precise measurement of the volume of a liquid. They're also known as measuring cylinders.

How many cubic foot in one square mile?

Not possible to answer - a cubic foot is a measurement of volume, a square mile is a measurement of area!

A single coin will not change the water level in the graduated cylinder enough to give a precise measurement of its volume. why was it possible to modify the experiment to use several coins?

Because when you put dozen of coins water level will change enough to mesaure it, then volume you got by such mesauring should be divided by number of coins. that way you will get volume of single coin.

How do you go from meters to liters?

Meters are length, liters is volume. That's the same as asking how to get from yards to quarts.

How many inches is 1 quart of water?

Not possible to answer - an inch is a linear measurement, while a quart is a measurement of volume.

What is 6000 cubic feet is what in feet?

It is not possible to equate feet (a measurement of length) with cubic feet (a measurement of volume).

What tool used for measuring precise volumes of liquids?

A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.A graduated cylinder is used measuring precise volume of liquids.

Why do you use mL instead of L to measure the volume of beakers?

Milliliters (mL) are a more precise measurement than liters (L). You can figure out how many liters you have by dividing the milliliter measurement by 100. 75 mL = .75 L

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216 cubic inches equates to a volume of 0.779 gallons or 3540cc