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Q: How is math applied in adventure sports?
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How is math applied with being a sports agent?

A sports agent applies math when determining how much a sorts player will be paid. A sports agent also applies math to figure out his percentage of payment.

What are adventure sports?

running trekking and all the sports which have adventure in it is called adventure sports

Can you be in applied math?

yes you can be in applied math

Does an accountant job fall under applied math or pure math?

It is applied math. Math is the purest form there is. psychology is applied biology, which is applied chemistry, which is applied physics, which is applied math, which is pure PURE

What is the meaning of an adventure sports?

sports that include life and death are called adventure sports

What is the meaning of an adventure?

sports that include life and death are called adventure sports

What else are extreme sports sometimes called?

Action and Adventure Sports

Why sports adventure are bad?

Well sports adventure is only bad because it leads to casualties.

What is the relation between math and sports?

You need to put out effort in order to do well in math and in sports. Math is also used in score keeping in sports.

What do sports have to do with math?

It doesn't have to do anything with math.

Where can one learn about adventure sports?

To learn about adventure sports there are many informative sites. Go Adventure Sports offers training and teamwork designed to get you ready. California Sport Adventures offers many different adventure sports for you to try, including paragliding, snorkeling and kite surfing.

Which is better pure math or applied math?

It depends on what you want from it.

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