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they have to know where to stand which is measurement and distance

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Q: How is math use in fashion designing?
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What math skills are used in fashion designing?


How does math relate to fashion designing?

Math relates to fashion designing in many ways. The ability to make accurate measurements is a skill that a fashion designer must have. They must also be able to manage a budget, which involves many math skills.

How does math help in fashion designing?

Math does help with fashion designing cause you need geometrie (translation, rotations and reflexion if you wanna your clothes in 3D). You also have to learn how to mesure. example if you wanna mesure how much fabric you need.

How does fashion designing help society?

what does fashion designing

What are facts about about fashion designing?

Designing was first named fashion designing in the late 1600s

What degrees and qualifications do you need for fashion designing?

u need math degree that's all i know

Do fashion designers use geometry?

im not a fashion designer but im guessing that fashion designers do use geometry when they are sowing clothes or designing them

How do models use math?

for fashion show models.. they use math for counting their money..

What does science have to do with fashion designing?


Where is the math in fashion designing?

Well, first of all, you must do the math to find out how much the fabric will cost. You must also be able to get the exact measurements of the cloth you are using, which will be easier if you can do math.

Can you join a fashion designing course after btech?

Can any person join fashion designing after his /her IT

Would a fashion designer use math?


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