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An elementary teacher needs to be able to teach basic mathematics.

Also, an elementary teacher should be able to spell being and elementary correctly.

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How is math used in a math teacher?

In that form math is an adjective describing teacher. Sometimes it helps to ask a question such as this: What kind of teacher? Math teacher. .

How much math is used to be a math teacher?

To become a teacher, not just a math teacher, you have to go to college for years.

How is math involved in WWE?

there is a wrestler called Matt striker who used to be a math teacher

When and where is math used in reading?

i think math has to be used in reading because my teacher just gave me that assignment for homework

How is math used in being a math teacher?

A teacher mainly uses math to teach it to the students. Other opinions could possibly say that everyone uses math in their life at home as in groceries ect.

Is algebra used in architecture?

yes it is used in architecture. My math teacher told me.

What did the math teacher have to do so his daughter could buy a used car?

Cosign the loan

Should the word sociology be capitalized when it is used in the middle of a sentence?

No, it does not have to be in caps because only languages are capitalized... Ex: My English teacher... My math teacher.... math isn't in caps because it is not a language.. same with sociology

What you learnt from music?

Music helps you improve in math. I used to plat the violin and my teacher told me that. :)

Which literary technique is used in The math teacher made a mistake when she calculated Marcie's grade average?


How are polynomials are used in your daily lives?

they really aren't used in our daily lives... unless you are a mathematician or a math teacher but they are also used in our life so as to do our buiseness

What are ways that you use trigonometry in your everyday life?

I am a retired math/science teacher. I used trig every day to teach students.

What number can be used to estimate the size of other numbers?

Xtractor - A number that can be used to estimate the size of other numbers.Xtractor is a commonly used math word in 6th grade and Up.Experience/Source:College Teacher (4 Master Degrees;One in Math)

How is math used in math?

math is used to show people the different ways math can be used such as fractions or decimals you name it

Where are perpendicular bisectors used in real life?

it is just another pointless geometry term that you would only use if you are going to be a math teacher

Why is m used instead of s for graphing slopes?

Im not sure I will ask my Math teacher tomorrow and answer you when I can! I have a question for you what grade are you in right know learning about this?

What did math used to be called?

Math used to be called Arithmetic.

What math is used for?

Math is used for solving arithmetic problems.

What year was math used?

Name a year. Math was used then.

How is technology used in math?

Calculaters are technology and they are used for math.

What is a mathematical name for a line?

The name "line" is actually used in math.The name "line" is actually used in math.The name "line" is actually used in math.The name "line" is actually used in math.

How is math used in the news?

math can be used in almost everything!how is it used graph's for the weather

How can probability be used to make predictions?

Well... with what I learned from Mrs. Franks, mt math teacher, she said for weather. For example there with be a probability of 75 degrees today.

What does interchange mean?

Its a term used in mathematics. The definition is said to mean '' Simplified''. I am a math teacher at a high class institute down in England. I hope this has helped you.

How is math used in teaching?

Math class.