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Q: How is operations function different from sales function?
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Who are sales internal customers?


What are different type of function?

There are a few different types of a functional budget. These include a sales budget, production budget, and a purchase budget.

What is Rolling sales plan?

Rolling Sales Plan is another word for MPS (Manufacturing Sales Plan), which is the overall Plan of sales & operations planning forcasts.

What are the functions of the sales operations department?

attract and retain customer

Why is it logical to organize IT applications by functional area?

In an organization the function areas are different and the most common function areas to any organization are finance, marketing, human resources, client services, operations, administration and IT support etc. So for each of these function areas we need different task to perform. And to perform these different tasks we need different applications and software. And thus it is logical to organize IT applications by functional areas.

What is the main function of direct sales agent?

The main function of direct selling agent (dsa) is to boost up the sales

Explain the evolution of sales management function in Indian context?

explain the evolution of sales management function in Indian context

Four departments of a railroad company?

accounting, operations, maintenance, sales

What are the rules governing operations of real numbers?

There are different rules for different operations.

Function of a sales department in hotel?

The function of a sales department in a hotel is to attract or get business for the hotel. Sales managers often specialize in conventions, tours, or corporate accounts for the hotel.

Function of a sales executive in an automobile company?

functions of a sales executive in a company

What are the names of all five sales tools?

If you as a business owner or an organization with sales team is looking forward to streamline your sales operations virtually and attain achieve sales quotas. Then you should definitely consider a sales readiness platform like Awarathon. Well, Sales readiness is about providing your sales reps with the essential requirements. So, they can enhance their work productivity and maximize outcomes. It is a long continuous process involving building, implementing, managing, and preparing your sales operations and sales strategies to meet business objectives effectively.