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7 7/12 plus 3 8/9

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Q: How is renaming to add mixed numbers different from regrouping to add whole numbers?
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Related questions

How do you subtract mixed numbers with regrouping?

you take away one of the whole number=then you add or subtract your fractions=

Why the set of mixed numbers is not a subset of the set of integers?

Mixed numbers and integers are different things.

How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers different?

Mixed numbers have fractional parts that must be compared; whole numbers do not.

How do you Renamin a whole number as mixed fraction?

You cannot. Whole numbers and mixed numbers are two different subsets of the set of numbers.

How is adding mixed numbers different from adding fractions?

when you add mixed numbers you have a whole number but adding fraction does not.

How do you regroup mixed number by regrouping a 1 from the whole number?

1 1/4

How is multiplying mixed numbers different than multiplying fractions?

if you have mixed numbers you make them into improper fractions before you multiply

What are unlike mixed numbers?

the fractions have different denominators

How do you find the numerator in renaming a whole number as a mixed number?

If the mixed number is x y/z then the numerator is (x*z + y)

How is comparing mixed numbers and whole numbers the same and how is it different?

they are the same because they both have whole numbers

What does comparing Mixed Numbers mean?

You tell whats the same and different.

How do you convert 37 into a mixed number?

Whole numbers and mixed numbers are two different things. I suppose you could write 37 as 36 and 4/4, but it's kind of pointless.

How do you change mixed numbers into mixed numbers?

you dont

Use mixed number in a sentence?

there was an amount of mixed numbers.

How is the concept of mixed numbers applied to the real world?

Find the sum of two mixed numbers by applying the procedure for adding mixed numbers, Solve a real-world problem by subtracting mixed numbers.

Are decimals in mixed numbers?

No. Mixed numbers are a number and a fraction.

How do you sum two mixed numbers with different denominators?

Before you can do that, you need to write each mixed number as an improper fraction, and then write both fractions with a common denominator. The only other choice is to write both mixed numbers as decimals, and then add them.

When asked to find the sum of two mixed numbers with different denominators you should before you add?

Convert the fractions into equivalent fractions with the same denominator. In actually adding mixed numbers, it is easier to convert the mixed numbers into improper (top heavy) fractions, do the addition, simplify the resulting fraction and convert any resulting improper fraction back into a mixed number.

What the definition for dividing mixed numbers?

what is the definition for dividing mixed numbers

Why do radio stations have different numbers?

so they don't get mixed yp.What if the radio station had the same #.

Why are mixed numbers rational numbers?

Mixed number are rational numbers because they both have a whole number.

Does Mixed numbers combine fractions and decimal numbers?

Mixed numbers is when you have whole numbers and fraction.10 1/4 is a mixed number, the fraction equivalent is 11/4 and decimal equivalent is 10.25. Please note that mixed numbers is considered bad math practice.

What is 219 converted to a mixed number?

Whole numbers such as 219 are not normally expressed as mixed numbers

How do you do mixed numbers?

You can express mixed numbers by knowing that it is a whole number with a fractional part. For example, 1 2/3 and 2 3/4 are mixed numbers.

Regroup each mixed number by regrouping a 1 from the whole number?

u just regroup the whole number ( ex. 7 would be 7 over 7)