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One example:

To reduce pollution from smoke stacks, or to purify air within households, companies/individuals use a filtration system called an electrostatic precipitator (ESP).

The system works by passing smoke through a grid of electrically charged rods. The particles in the smoke pick up a charge of Q. The smoke then travels through a series of plates that have a charge of -Q. Since opposite charges attract, the particles cling to the plates. The plates are then shaken so that the ash falls into a hopper that can be removed and discarded.

This process can reduce air pollution from a smoke stack by 99%.

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Q: How is static electricity used in the real world?
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Why can static electricity not to be used to run a television?

static electricity is static electricity

What are some real life examples of electric charge?

Static electricity, lightning, and the electricity used to power appliances are all electric charges.

How is biomass used in the real world?

Its used to generate electricity!!!!:)

What is the term used to describe the build up of electrical charges on an object due to friction?

The term used to describe the build up of electrical charges on an object due to friction is "static electricity."

Why is static electricity not widly used by people?

Will it is stationary

What are grounding mats used for?

Grounding mats are used when working on electronic components to drain off static electricity. Static electricity develops high voltages (the spark that jumps from your hand to a doorknob in winter is static electricity) and these voltages can damage sensitive electronics.

What is the instrument that is used to detect static charge?

An electroscope is the instrument used to detect static charge. It consists of a metal-leaf or needle that responds to the presence of electric charge by diverging from its equilibrium position.

What are the devices that are static electricity?

If you mean the name of the machine used to create static electricity - it's called a 'van de graaff' generator.

Why isn't static electricity used to power to appliance?

electricity is something that causes shocks

How static electricity is used in cleaning polluted air?

Static electricity attracts dust, soot, and other pollutants form passing air or smoke.

How are static and current electricity obtained?

Typically, movement is used to obtain electricity of the static or current varieties. Rubbing two dissimilar objects together has been used to create a difference in the distribution of charge (static electricity). Current electricity is typically made by a dynamo or generator: a wire is moved through a magnetic field.

What natural resources is used to make electricity?

coal and static electricity like sparks