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I use the Golden Ratio in my daily life to design websites.

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Q: How is the golden ratio used in your daily life?
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How is Baseball used in golden ratio?

It is not. The Golden Ratio was known and used thousands of years before baseball was invented.

Where is the golden ratio used?

The golden ratio = 1.8618033969... It is used in art, architechture and music. In the related links box below I posted a link showing the uses of the golden ratio.

What are some real life example of the Golden Ratio?

You read about all the math related aspects of the golden ratio, and now you want to see it applied to real life, right? Well, you already know about various ways the golden ratio appears in real life, and you probably haven't even thought about it at all! ---- One of the first peoples to use the golden ratio in their art, architecture, and other aspects of daily life was the Egyptians. They called the golden ratio the "sacred ratio" and used it in their hieroglyphics and pyramids, as well as other monuments to the dead. ---- The sides of the Egyptian pyramids were golden triangles. Additionally, the three-four-five triangle is a golden ratio between the five unit side and the three unit side. The Egyptians considered this kind of right triangle extremely important and used it also in the pyramids. ---- ---- The Egyptian hieroglyphics also contained many proportions based on the golden ratio. The letter h, for example, is the golden spiral. Additionally, p and sh are created using golden rectangles ---- However, the use and occurance of the Golden Ratio in aesthetics doesn't end with the ancient Egyptians. It was used by the Pythagoreans, Greeks, Romans, and artists during the Renaissance. ---- The frequent appearance of the Golden Ratio in the arts over thousands of years presents us with an interesting question: Do we surround ourselves with the Golden Ratio because we find it aesthetically pleasing, or do we find it aesthetically pleasing because we are surrounded by it?In the 1930's, New York's Pratt Institute laid out rectangular frames of different proportions, and asked several hundred art students to choose which they found most pleasing. The winner? The one with Golden Ratio proportions.

A side of math where can you find the golden ratio?

The Fibonacci sequence can be used to determine the golden ratio. If you divide a term in the sequence by its predecessor, at suitably high values, it approaches the golden ratio.

How is golden ratio used in architecture?

In italy, the Pantheon, however has the golden ratio. Its pillars below the roof is a rectangle, the golden rectangle, on the roof (top part) is a triangle, the golden triangle.

What does Mona Lisa have to do with the golden ratio?

Leonardo da Vinci used the ratio to strengthen the composition of the painting. Many artists use the golden ratio when working on a composition.

What kind of math was used in building the Parthenon?

golden ratio

What math was used in the hanging gardens of Babylon?

golden ratio

Did Maya civilization use golden ratio?

The Maya civilization used the golden ratio. This ratio is an irrational number that is approximately 1.618. It is wherein two quantities is equivalent to the ratio which is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.

Why is the golden ratio used in art and architecture?

It is pleasing to the human eye.

Was golden ratio used in the past?

yes it has with fibbonarchi and Leonardo davinchi

Who used th golden ratio in their paintings?

Some say that Dürer used it.

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