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Q: How is the process of dividing integers similar to the process of multiplying integer?
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What are some misconceptions when people are multiplying and dividing integers?

One misconception is that the process is difficult.

How is the process of dividing intergers similar to the process of multiplying intergers?

integers are negative and poitive numbers you can multipy and divide poitive numbers but you can't divide negative numbers because you can't have negitve divded by a other number

What is the difference between adding and subtracting integers to multiplying and dividing integers?

The difference between adding and subtracting integers to multiplying and dividing integers comes by the sign conversion. For eg, there are two sets of integer -4 and -2 and -4 and 2 . Lets add and subtract and find the result . addition : -4 +(-2) = -6. subtraction : -4 -(-2) = -2. Multiplication : -4 *(-2) = 8. Division : -4 /(-2) = 2. On the other hand,second set addition : -4 +(2) = -2. subtraction : -4 -(2) = -6. product : -4 *(2) = -8. division : -4 /(2) = -2.

What is any mathematical process?

A mathematical process is like adding, dividing, subtracting and multiplying or things like that.

Explain the process for finding the product of two integers?

The product of two integers is found by multiplying them. Eg. the product of 5 and 3 is 15.

How do you add integers with different signs?

1. Take the absolute values of those two integers.2. Find the difference.3. Determine which integer is the largest. If that integer is positive, then the answer is positive. If that integer is negative, then the answer is negative.

If 15xW105 than what number is W?

W=15. My father helped me figure this out.

Step by step on how to subtract integers?

An integer is simply any number that is whole, such as 1 or -5 or -8. An integer NEVER has a fractional value, or a decimal value. So, in order to subtract integers, simply use the normal process for subtraction. For example, 5 minus 3 equals 2. Simply take the subtrahend (3) from the minuend (5) and receive the difference (2).

The process name of multiplying?


What is the process of cells dividing called?

It depends on what kind of cell is dividing.

Which cell is not in phase of mitosis?

One that is not dividing or dividing by the process of meiosis.

What is the process of dividing call?

This process is known as Mitosis