How is velocity calculated?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: How is velocity calculated?
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What are the difference of instantaneous velocity and average velocity?

Average velocity in a direction is calculated as the displacement in that direction divided by the total time taken. As the time interval is reduced, the displacement over that period also reduces and the limiting value of that ratio is the instantaneous velocity.

What is the trigonometric formula for rotational velocity?

Velocity = Radius x RPM For example if a body of 32 Inches in diameter rotating at 3600 rpm, the velocity is calculated by Velocity = 32/2 * 3600 Velocity = 57,200 inches per minute Velocity = 57,200 Inches/min * 60 Min/Hr * 1ft/12in * 1 mi/5280 ft Velocity = 54.5 miles per hr

Speed and direction of a moving body average velocity can be calculated by dividing displacement by time?

If I understand the question correctly.......... Average speed can be calculated by dividing displacement by time (scalar) but once you refer to direction and "velocity" you are into a different paradigm (vector) and it is not as simple as dividing displacement by time

Which physical quantity is calculated by the slope of distance time graph?

The radial velocity ie velocity towards or away from your starting point. It is NOT the ordinary speed or velocity because you can run in a circle around your starting point at top speed but the distance will not change so the slope of the distance time graph will be zero.

How to calculate f0 value?

Fo is calculated considering product pH, z- value and product residence time calculated considering safety factor of 0.8 to 0.5 to get average velocity. D. A. Nirhali IIT, Kharagpur

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How is the velocity of a wave calculated?

velocity = frequency x wavelength

What is the difference between orbital velocity and angular velocity?

Orbital Velocity is calculated in m/s where as angular velocity is calculated in rad/s.. Answer is very clear.. angular velocity is calculated when body is rotating around a axis and a reference point is needed to calculate it.. where as orbital velocity is calculated when body is moving around a bado in circular path, nt around itself... e.g. Earth rotates around so it have angular velocity .. it also rotates around sun in orbit so it has Orbital velocity also :)

How is KE calculated?

It is calculated as 1/2 mass multiplied by velocity squared

When do you know an objects velocity?

When you have calculated or measured it.

Calculated using displacement divided by time?

Velocity is displacement/time.

How is average velocity of a body calculated when its velocity changes at a non-uniform rate?

average velocity=displacement/total time taken

This is calculated by change in velocity over time?


Momentum is calculated by multiplying an object's mass by its what?

its velocity.

What is calculated by multiplying the time of travel by the distance traveled?


When an object is in motion how can the average velocity be calculated?

it can be calculated at a particular instant as it is total displacement in given time

How do you you find displacement from velocity?

Velocity is defined asv = dx/dtwhere:v is velocity;dx is displacement;and dt is elapsed time.Assuming velocity is constant, then displacement is calculated as:dx = v/dt.

Which physicist discovered the escape velocity of an object?

Escape velocity is easily calculated from Newton's laws of motion and universal gravitation.