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Percent as a Fraction:

lets say you have a percentage of 56%. if you write that as a fraction you have 56/100 or in lowest terms it would be 14/25.

Decimal as a Fraction:

lets say you have a decimal of .56

if you remember that the 5 is in the tenths place and the 6 is in the hundredths place. if you multiply .56 by 100 (the number one hundred has been linked to words like centenial or century or cent... you know like one cent or 100 pennys is 1 dollar... well the word per-cent... percent or percentage means dealing with the number 100) you get 56%.

if you recall that answer 14/25 in the percent to fraction explanation... 14/25 is equal to .56

Therefore you can write 56% = 14/25

and you can write .56 = 14/25

its all the same thing.

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Q: How is writing a percent as a fraction like writing a decimal as a fraction?
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Explain how a decimal is related to a percent?

Because a percent can be turned into a decimal like a fraction can be .That is wrong it is if you move the decimal point two places to the right you'll turn a decimal to a percent.Yours is half way through.

How do you get the percents in problems in math?

well, any fraction or decimal is a percent, like 3/4=.75=%75

What does fraction not look like?

a Decimal.

How do you convert a fraction into a percent?

A fraction is basically like a division problem. 1/4 is 1 divided by 4. So, solve that division problem. As a solution, you will get a decimal number. 1 divided by 4 is 0.25. Move the decimal point 2 places to the right. 0.25 => 25. Add the percent sign next to the number. 25%. And that is how you convert a fraction into a percent!

How do you turn percent into a decimal?

The percent sign is just like a decimal. If you have 35%, then your decimal would be .35. if you have 113%, your percent would be 1.13.

What percentage of 300 is 144?

Percent is like a fraction and a decimal. It shows the ratio of PART to WHOLE.PART / WHOLE144/ 300 = 0.48which equals 48%

What does seven and seven hundred three thousandths look like in fraction and decimal?

Decimal: 7.703 Fraction: 7703/1000

What is thirty as a decimal and a percent?

30.000 (with repeating zeros) as a decimal and it depends as a percent it would be like 30 = 0.30 as a percent

How do you change decimal to the fraction?

A trick for changing a decimal to a fraction is to say it aloud and write it out as how it says like for example .4 = 4/10 and you can simplify it. That would be a way you can change a decimal to a fraction.

When multiplying a fraction by a percent what would you do with the percent that has a decimal in it like 3 5 of 20.2?

Multiply the 20.2% by the 3 and divide the whole thing by 5. It should be 60.6%/5, or 12.12%.

How many times smaller is a millimeter compared to a decimal?

A millimetre is a fixed distance, whereas a decimal is a way of writing a value. The question is like asking if a foot is bigger than a fraction. A foot may be bigger than a fraction of a yard or a mile, but it is certainly not bigger than a proper fraction of an inch.

How do you convert a percent like 490.4 to a fraction?

Count the digits to the right of the decimal and divide the digits number, without a decimal, by 1 with (2 + number of digits right of decimal) zeros. So. 490.4% = 4904/100 = 4.904

How do you find a decimal out of a fraction?

first you divide the numerator from the denominator. like if your fraction was five tenths then you would divide like this 5/10 and the calculator will give you the decimal.

What would 1.5 percent look like as a decimal?

1.5% = 0.015 in decimal

What is a shortcut for writing a percent as a decimal?

A shortcut would be like 0.03. the '3' does not change so it's 3% since it's not over 100

Can you express every decimal as a fraction?

No, not all can be put to a fraction like in algebra this year we can't.

What decimal mean?

A decimal is used when their is a fraction number. Like 1 and 1/2 would be 1(decimal).5

How do you turn an improper fraction in to a decimal?

Just like an ordinary fraction - divide the numerator (top) by the denominator (bottom).

How can a decimal greater than 1 be a repeating decimal?

A decimal number is like a mixed fraction: it has an integer part and a fractional part. If the fractional part is a repeating fraction then the whole number is represented by a repeating decimal.

What is 4 percent as a decimal and a fraction?

its just like a dollar think of 4 quaters each quarter equals 25 cents so the fraction would be 1/4 beause u take 4 and divide which gives you .25 as a decimal hope that answers your question! :)

What is the fraction three ninths look like in decimal form?

0.3333 . . .

How do you change a decimal like this .0045 to a fraction?


What kind of decimal does every fraction have?

it looks just like a period

How do you get a fraction to a percent?

you can either use a calculator or do it the old fashion way. First you change the fraction to a decimal (ex. 1/6 = 0.66) Next you take the decimal and move it to the right 2 places (ex. 0.66 = 66.0) the number you have now is your percent. 1/6 = 66.0% Some times your percent can have a decimal like 44.5% you can either leave it the same or round 44.5% can be rounded up to 45% To change back to a decimal you add the decimal point to the far right of the number or if you already have a decimal point in you must move it 2 spaces to the left if you have no numbers in front of the decimal add a 0

How do you turn a decimal like 4.12 into a percent?

Percent is hundredths. So 4.12= 412%