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Which country is 'our country'? It could be one of about 200 countries.

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Q: How long ago were calculators first used in our country?
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What were the first hand pocket calculators used for?

they were used to calculate difficult sums faster.

What are annuity calculators used for?

Annuity calculators are used to calculate the returns on investments made in annuities.

What are calculators used for?

Calculators are used to calculate, or solve math problems to come up with solutions.Hope that helped!

What calculators should be used in Anna university board exams?

scientific calculators

How was the first calculator powered?

The answer depends on how you define calculator. The first calculators were people. Blaise Pascal built a kind of calculator in the 17 century. It was powered by a human turning a knob or pulling a crank. The first widely used desk calculators were powered by electricity.

What is the algorithm used for pregnancy due date calculators?

Naegele's Rule is a mathematical formula often used in pregnancy due date calculators. This is a formula that adds 7 days to the first LMP and then subtracting three months from that figure.

How are GPA calculators used?

GPA calculators are used for College students to keep track of their Grade Point Average.

Why are calculators used in exams?

well it is used for calculating numbers and would be useful but usually calculators are not used during exams as it is a basic rule for not using them !

Are magnets used in calculators?

Yes, magnets are commonly used in calculators to help hold batteries in place or to secure the calculator cover. Magnets can also be used in certain types of stylus pens for touchscreen calculators.

Are there amortization calculators that I can use with excel?

I recommend as an excellent website for amortization calculators that can be used in Microsoft excel

Are there any calculators with sound and volume adjustment?

There are calculators with sound and volume adjustment. These calculators are used by medical doctors and scientists. They are not available for the general public to purchase.

What semiconductor is used in calculators?

Silicon based semiconductors are the most commonly used semiconductor material in calculators. Silicon semiconductors are also extensively used in computers.